What Happens When You Swallow A Pill

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Joshua Nolan
Joshua Nolan 29 päeva tagasi
Ok now do suppository pills
adam_gameplays 9 päeva tagasi
@Oveo gg on the heart
I'm Andrew
I'm Andrew 21 päev tagasi
@Larson Prospecting stfu
duha 28 päeva tagasi
commenting so no one else can😎
Shura 29 päeva tagasi
ALYSSA TENORIO 29 päeva tagasi
@Maplecook OH OK LOL
Roize Joshua Toralba
Roize Joshua Toralba Tund tagasi
0:33 Dumpster Gang!!!
Dwyl Da Bore
Dwyl Da Bore 3 tundi tagasi
Mushrooms can sing better than I can
BruhSus 6 tundi tagasi
The thumbnail is kinda sus
Rhys Binney
Rhys Binney 6 tundi tagasi
Why does the mushroom sound like a terraria soundtrack
RoRo Da Gamer
RoRo Da Gamer 7 tundi tagasi
I’m surprised how the raccoons didn’t jump on him lmao
Your Mom - Mann Co. Australium Enthusiast
Your Mom - Mann Co. Australium Enthusiast 8 tundi tagasi
Why does the mushrooms sound like sounds from Mother 4?
Kin5gi io
Kin5gi io 8 tundi tagasi
That last guy with the pencil and the blueberry, deffo a kendama player. Them trip jug, knee bounce spikes are flowing!
LennyJames 8 tundi tagasi
1:46 wait, so THATS how re-logic made the glowing mushroom biome theme
DerpyDuckling 8 tundi tagasi
That bat one is just wholesome. Also, the mushrooms and their electrical signals sound like the Terraria track for the mushroom biomes. Ironic? Maybe. They might have done this, but it depends on how old terraria is.
Tyler Clark
Tyler Clark 9 tundi tagasi
The kid in the back of the class be like: 3:00
R0k3t Racoon
R0k3t Racoon 10 tundi tagasi
How he get the camera in his stomach o_o
Varric Games
Varric Games 10 tundi tagasi
new siege plat charm?
Blank Blank
Blank Blank 12 tundi tagasi
Bat: "Desperately trying to escape" Everyone: "aww, how cute"
TheOfficialJoBro 14 tundi tagasi
"You cant park there sir!" im done 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Fried Fish
Fried Fish 14 tundi tagasi
0:44 Racoon mafia
emes 14 tundi tagasi
when the bat older than you
crazy chameleon bs
crazy chameleon bs 14 tundi tagasi
me: yes very cool pills also me: *wants to put it as my wallpaper*
Bred Cat
Bred Cat 16 tundi tagasi
mushrooms sound like how i thought they would and that's okay
Kaylen Gatzke
Kaylen Gatzke 16 tundi tagasi
They should do that with psychedelic mushrooms
James Laurete
James Laurete 19 tundi tagasi
Why do I see Amogus
JoGeJo 20 tundi tagasi
Look at all those furry trash babies
Jeevgaming 0990
Jeevgaming 0990 21 tund tagasi
I wonder dis the photographer swallow a camera
crrryx 23 tundi tagasi
2:02 *terraria intensifies*
smashbrosfan31 23 tundi tagasi
If you listen closely to old bat you can here I am the night swear to me
Daksh Patel
Daksh Patel Päev tagasi
2:24 This baby must’ve been reincarnated.
Younoki Päev tagasi
So that's where they got the terraria sound tracks
Daksh Patel
Daksh Patel Päev tagasi
0:52 “All right, mate? You can’t park there,sir” 😂😂
Eleanor Green
Eleanor Green Päev tagasi
Ok but hat mushrooms song was a bop.
Voidzy Gaming
Voidzy Gaming Päev tagasi
1:41 those mushrooms spitting facts bro
Kisuke Urahara
Kisuke Urahara Päev tagasi
Hacks and Gaming
Hacks and Gaming Päev tagasi
Ewwww mold Ya some of the pills look like mold
chris vanegas
chris vanegas Päev tagasi
The ugly condition amazingly fail because dredger substantially chew below a nosy cup. foamy, damp east
Vungmunin Hor
Vungmunin Hor Päev tagasi
1:06 why isn’t anyone talking about how this looks like a mini avalanche
Yeet And Delete
Yeet And Delete Päev tagasi
This is from terraria mushroom cave sounds comes from
Thomas T.
Thomas T. Päev tagasi
1:47 How terraria music is made
Lunalgaleo Päev tagasi
1:46 It sounds like a dungeon theme for Pikmin 2. Edit: Or Earthbound!
Happy Unicorn
Happy Unicorn Päev tagasi
1:55 when they say "WUAAAAAAAA" i feel that
ً Päev tagasi
0:09 sus
Declan Harry
Declan Harry Päev tagasi
0:23 looks like one of those flavored water commercials
JTG GOLD Päev tagasi
The mushroom one reminds me of terraria.
Sakura McCool
Sakura McCool Päev tagasi
Raccoons: *having a meeting in the dumpster* Guy with camera: *looks into the dumpster* Raccoons: *starting up at him* Guy: "what? how?" Raccoons: "Oh, hey!"
Sam Guia
Sam Guia Päev tagasi
Foreign Virus724
Foreign Virus724 Päev tagasi
The bat telling his grandkids a story Bat : it was 2005 when I was drafted to the bat military I had to defend the bat nation and I flew in the are dropping bombs on the enemy’s but now I can no longer fly
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Päev tagasi
Everyone gangster until mushrooms start playing Terraria theme music
Dog Water
Dog Water Päev tagasi
Bro that mushroom beat made me wanna smoke crack
Spookwagenz Päev tagasi
1:42 first iteration of Shroomhop
Get 2 Da Choppa
Get 2 Da Choppa Päev tagasi
Seems like Grandpa Munster is becoming a bit forgetful with this transmorphing technique...
Mr. Boi the King of Bababooey
Mr. Boi the King of Bababooey Päev tagasi
2:31 that baby looks like its born in its 33rd year
Oliver Garrett
Oliver Garrett Päev tagasi
now I know, if u need to get snow off your roof then just. use a hokey stick and remember wear a helmet
Lee Deberto
Lee Deberto Päev tagasi
I was looking to the bats face and it looks so cute looks like my childhood fav dog:((((((
q370p Päev tagasi
the bat trying to fly is the cutest thing i've ever seen.
Warwick Bonnett
Warwick Bonnett 2 päeva tagasi
'you can't park there sir' 🤣 love our British sense of humour
Confused ?
Confused ? 2 päeva tagasi
Karens sees that there are no trackers in the pill: impossible
Oh, Beans?
Oh, Beans? 2 päeva tagasi
Pill Paint Grenade those are 3 words i didn’t expect to come out of my mouth in my life
Akari[丹梨] :P
Akari[丹梨] :P 2 päeva tagasi
1:48 Dis some alien shit dude ಠ_ಠ
ok 2 päeva tagasi
*Morel the truffle is moving in*
SpaChula 2 päeva tagasi
those mushrooms downright be makin some terraria biome music
Idyllically 2 päeva tagasi
this is something terraria would use 1:56
Roberto Alejandro Villanueva Romo
Roberto Alejandro Villanueva Romo 2 päeva tagasi
chinese people in 1:38 mmmm bat soup
CannibalShadow 2 päeva tagasi
That baby looks like he's going through a divorce and is about to lose everything for the second or third time.
CosmicDude 2 päeva tagasi
1:46 now I know why the mushroom biome in Terraria has that music
Trace.MP4 2 päeva tagasi
Mushroom Music....
Spectre Y
Spectre Y 2 päeva tagasi
The mushroom has more beat than cardi B's songs
Mr. Dinnington
Mr. Dinnington 2 päeva tagasi
0:17 no more pills for me.
Shade Zr
Shade Zr 2 päeva tagasi
What the chickens this is actually insane bro
Sean Chambes
Sean Chambes 2 päeva tagasi
The super seagull disappointingly try because responsibility clasically grin beneath a elfin broker. harmonious, eatable bath
Briar Young
Briar Young 2 päeva tagasi
The doctor helping the bat fly was so wholesome!
Aries Kun
Aries Kun 2 päeva tagasi
Terraria mushroom biome sounds like the mushroom in this video wth?
Marius Portmann
Marius Portmann 2 päeva tagasi
2:18 I dont get how people say babies look cute. They are fucking disgusting and look like goblins.
Agustin Vazquez
Agustin Vazquez 2 päeva tagasi
John Paul Villarin
John Paul Villarin 2 päeva tagasi
0:34 They are having a family reunion
Moodmonger 3 päeva tagasi
why does the thumbnail look like the among us crewmate
기린파이 GiraffePi
기린파이 GiraffePi 3 päeva tagasi
1:25 where covid19 started
Unicornelia Wild
Unicornelia Wild 3 päeva tagasi
Why does that russian ship have Finland flag on it :D
Ender 3 päeva tagasi
All I see is amogus, someone send medical help
ritik jain
ritik jain 3 päeva tagasi
Everything in one video!!!
Gam3r_legend_360 3 päeva tagasi
2:17 other baby's were cute I was just tired af
Gam3r_legend_360 3 päeva tagasi
0:33 me and the bois vibing ina trash can
Abdul Rehman
Abdul Rehman 3 päeva tagasi
2:35 Sultan Mehmet Han: *Pathetic*
Muhammad Haafidh
Muhammad Haafidh 3 päeva tagasi
Ok, now do What Happens When You Swallow A coc-
The Sans Master
The Sans Master 3 päeva tagasi
Somebody: what’s your favourite type of music Me:........mushroom
The Sans Master
The Sans Master 3 päeva tagasi
Clarification go to 1:49 to see
BETHANY GREEN 3 päeva tagasi
The bat flying with the human melted my heat! i love bats and that one really cheered me up
Gabriel Riley『Stand: Red Sun』
Gabriel Riley『Stand: Red Sun』 3 päeva tagasi
so terraria wasnt wrong. mushroom music really d o e s sound like that
GEK3 3 päeva tagasi
National Security Agency
National Security Agency 3 päeva tagasi
Throw a molotov in the dumpster
Squeaky Smith
Squeaky Smith 3 päeva tagasi
Now that's just rude!!!
Tortuga josh
Tortuga josh 3 päeva tagasi
Among Us!!!
jesusramos1900 3 päeva tagasi
That bat is pathient zero for Corona virus
Dekoratif Maymun
Dekoratif Maymun 3 päeva tagasi
mushrooms do be jammin tho
Kurho Oni
Kurho Oni 3 päeva tagasi
2:24 its jjust me or this baby look like Jorah Mormont xD
The Aesthetic Trash Girls
The Aesthetic Trash Girls 3 päeva tagasi
Mushrooms be vibing
CK The Ok
CK The Ok 3 päeva tagasi
The mushroom sounds could be made Minecraft music
ivan akossou
ivan akossou 3 päeva tagasi
I see Eric cartman in
Dmitrijs Čirko
Dmitrijs Čirko 3 päeva tagasi
2:32 Russians coming ::)
RushighCowcat 3 päeva tagasi
The mushrooms is the best beat eger
Zachary Breeden
Zachary Breeden 3 päeva tagasi
0:34 raccoonegg's family
Doktor 3 päeva tagasi
The first thing I saw in this video was amogus...
Danika Jooste
Danika Jooste 3 päeva tagasi
I always knew mushrooms were alien like!
LOL dolls and LPS
LOL dolls and LPS 3 päeva tagasi
When I first saw the title I thought it said “what happens when you swallow a pillow” 🤣😭
Radit 3 päeva tagasi
1:47 glowing musroom biome in terraria be like
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