What Every Supermarket Puts On Their Apples

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Yes, Apples produce their own natural wax, but producers add a layer of wax to them. "Producers therefore spray the fruit with a thin layer of wax to prevent such moisture loss as well as to make the apple look more appealing. The applied layer is very thin, only about 3 mg of wax coat an apple." www.mcgill.ca/oss/article/you-asked/why-do-they-spray-wax-apples-0
bonjour bear
bonjour bear 14 tundi tagasi
•GxldenLeaf 16 tundi tagasi
A k
A k 21 tund tagasi
Omg, my hold life I knew there was wax on ever bite I took of an Apple. Ughh I knew it and I don't know how the school buys those butt its not my fault, my taste buds deserve better
Graham Michael
Graham Michael Päev tagasi
@Cannon Omar Wow! It took roughly 10 mins but it worked!
Cannon Omar
Cannon Omar Päev tagasi
dunno if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password using Instaportal. Cant link here so search for it on google :)
Harishma Gopan
Harishma Gopan 13 minutit tagasi
You sure, that is edible wax???
Paradise The LeafWing
Paradise The LeafWing Tund tagasi
When people are stuck: Meh When animals are stuck: CALL THE VET WE HAVE A CODE RED!!!!!!!!!!
congqing lin
congqing lin 2 tundi tagasi
That belly but is disturbing it’s liek lips 👄
ima billieeilishfan
ima billieeilishfan 2 tundi tagasi
that is the grinch of deer’s
Rose Doeden
Rose Doeden 3 tundi tagasi
I mean atleast the wax is edible
chrissy's creations
chrissy's creations 6 tundi tagasi
Jenica Sorensen CA 2028
Jenica Sorensen CA 2028 6 tundi tagasi
Honestly I don’t like pudgy
Justin Once
Justin Once 6 tundi tagasi
that's gross 0:50
Likee and some roblox?
Likee and some roblox? 7 tundi tagasi
I just learned something new
CrazyColston !
CrazyColston ! 7 tundi tagasi
0:34 me when I join a zoom call
M&M Edit
M&M Edit 7 tundi tagasi
Greenland and Russia:
Dirby Creations
Dirby Creations 7 tundi tagasi
0:39 "A kangaroo broke his windshield" *sounds so calm about it*
Damnatis Sum
Damnatis Sum 8 tundi tagasi
That kangaroo was 100% just another insurance scammer.
Melanie Pera
Melanie Pera 9 tundi tagasi
I feel bad for the person who can’t get in there house
Venzz Jonesy
Venzz Jonesy 9 tundi tagasi
The Belly Button Looks Like Shreks Ear
Dobby Bobby
Dobby Bobby 10 tundi tagasi
Plot twist... the greater of the app had an argument with his friend in second grade about what place is bigger and he wanted it to be USA so that’s when the app was created
Trinoy Das
Trinoy Das 10 tundi tagasi
this video is so boring I fell asleep for half an hour...
RDMrusher 11 tundi tagasi
That potato cat is clearly a russian cat
Carla Jørgensen
Carla Jørgensen 13 tundi tagasi
And that’s why we wash apples.
333 15 tundi tagasi
The wax on the apple is not to keep them shiny and fresh, it's to keep the fruit edible for longer.
Nova Shorts
Nova Shorts 15 tundi tagasi
Time to become a human candle 🙂
Kageyama’s Tangerine
Kageyama’s Tangerine 15 tundi tagasi
So the wax on apples are eadible? Ive always been told that the wax is poissonous
Mylifedab 16 tundi tagasi
The kangaroo thing....happened with my family too, just that it broke our hood!!!
KRAFTWERK2K6 16 tundi tagasi
mhhhh Apple ear-wax.
Kelvin 17 tundi tagasi
What all AMERICAN appels look like
Me Majestic
Me Majestic 18 tundi tagasi
The belly button looks like a mouth popping in and out
x̷ ̷S̷x̷i̷m̷p̷l̷y̷ ̷g̷a̷y̷ ̷x̷
x̷ ̷S̷x̷i̷m̷p̷l̷y̷ ̷g̷a̷y̷ ̷x̷ 18 tundi tagasi
That dog really went *SATAN MODE ON*
Sikenn ➐
Sikenn ➐ 19 tundi tagasi
Zombie kangaroo
Segie Playz
Segie Playz 19 tundi tagasi
So technically were eating Candles.
mitesh sagar
mitesh sagar 20 tundi tagasi
I know that..
NobleMasque 20 tundi tagasi
where the hell else am i gonna get my wax fix
davidramsay _
davidramsay _ 21 tund tagasi
Ry Chesh
Ry Chesh 21 tund tagasi
I’ve been deceived
DARKLORD OF GAMES 23 tundi tagasi
I now have another reason not to eat apples
palafoxinated 23 tundi tagasi
I’ve been playing too much valheim when I saw that deer I got urges to shoot it with an arrow
A7 demon / killer
A7 demon / killer 23 tundi tagasi
I eat apples with the wax on
Booboo Pedregon Jr
Booboo Pedregon Jr Päev tagasi
I guess the snowman owned Rudolf something and that day was the last to repay Rudolf
Coynouz Päev tagasi
Spider man spider man
Element Bey
Element Bey Päev tagasi
edible wax??? bro that is not good for u lol
Vivianayy Or just vivian
Vivianayy Or just vivian Päev tagasi
Shreydude Gaming
Shreydude Gaming Päev tagasi
u need to put the waxed apples in warm water with a little bit of baking soda then the wax will come off
The Turtle Kid
The Turtle Kid Päev tagasi
Thanks for making my day better
Croissant Päev tagasi
Aww give it grr GRrrr GRRRRR *GRRRRRR*
Oliver Hosking
Oliver Hosking Päev tagasi
The true size of is fake, tried it myself
chris vanegas
chris vanegas Päev tagasi
The protective stepson conservatively trick because shallot consequently bow abaft a uneven step-father. woozy, truthful verdict
chris vanegas
chris vanegas Päev tagasi
The efficacious scraper prudently kick because purchase macropharmacologically mend given a spotted cracker. penitent, scarce church
Jiraiya Päev tagasi
Golden apple
WhipDerp Päev tagasi
who else tried the belly button thing
Bedirhan Kerim Seven
Bedirhan Kerim Seven Päev tagasi
0:42 zoom soun
Simon Says
Simon Says Päev tagasi
3:09, Deer: "The white man attacked me 1st & am only self-defensing!"
Sarah_ROX Päev tagasi
omg thank you for this video! I've always wondered what that white stuff was. I always peel my apples so I always notice it I'm glad I know now.
DiamondBull66 Päev tagasi
2:39 I knew this was a thing.
JonNotFond Päev tagasi
This is probably why i never eat apples with their skin
MrDoodless Päev tagasi
lago mundo
lago mundo Päev tagasi
The deer didn't want to build a snowman.
gringo1616 Päev tagasi
1:03 is the best^^
bb g
bb g Päev tagasi
Kangaroo would've caught these hands
Fa2BearB01 Päev tagasi
Kangaroo hits car ZOOM CALLS COMING IN
PANDA - باندا
PANDA - باندا Päev tagasi
2:35 i think this dog don't like sharing
Moo Crumpus
Moo Crumpus Päev tagasi
You own a Gemüsemesser?
Manan Jha 8A KTE
Manan Jha 8A KTE Päev tagasi
2:00 "*its all fun and games*" until u slide in.....
Emirhan Sarac
Emirhan Sarac Päev tagasi
Hahah that kangooro hates windows
Amir Menkovic
Amir Menkovic Päev tagasi
Great now im gonna start shaving my apples for wax
Nicole Thompson
Nicole Thompson Päev tagasi
0:33 the kangaroo jumps on the car R.I.P if it jumped really hard
David Johnson
David Johnson 2 päeva tagasi
is it just me or does this guys belly button look like Shrek's ears
Exell_Ex 2 päeva tagasi
2:47 am I crazy because I'm pretty sure it scales down as he moves it...
Loonify 2 päeva tagasi
And THAT wax is why I can’t eat most fruits from the store, like I can only have apples if they’re freshly picked😒
Nico Animations
Nico Animations 2 päeva tagasi
*when u realize you been eating wax this entire time*
El Catrin C
El Catrin C 2 päeva tagasi
At least is edible wax and not freaking candle poison
Aldo 2 päeva tagasi
i have an apple tree, that give us apples and they came naturally with wax
Diamond Dog God
Diamond Dog God 2 päeva tagasi
2:37 sonic in hyper vs final boss of sonic 3 and knuckles lolololol
Vixen Stroup
Vixen Stroup 2 päeva tagasi
They put wax on the apples to preserve freshness
100rats 2 päeva tagasi
do people actually care if there is wax on their apple
Winchester - My Best Friend
Winchester - My Best Friend 2 päeva tagasi
zaydia hansen
zaydia hansen 2 päeva tagasi
Dog sound like yoshi lol
Helena Deuar
Helena Deuar 2 päeva tagasi
wait but the app is a joke right...? RIGHT?
EggLess 2 päeva tagasi
3:09 that's a doe
i4Ni bornarabic
i4Ni bornarabic 2 päeva tagasi
that deer was abusing the snowman lol!
M4ST3R_ G4M3R 2 päeva tagasi
Here in Australia all of our chocolate has a layer of wax on it so it does not melt
Lina 2 päeva tagasi
How are we surprised that usa and India can fit in Africa? Those are countries and Africa is a whole ass continent
i L0lpop !
i L0lpop ! 2 päeva tagasi
Отдай картошку.
Emperor Penguin Perry
Emperor Penguin Perry 2 päeva tagasi
K a n g a r o o J u m p s c a r e I n 3 2 1 0:30
Maxdestrouction Destroyer
Maxdestrouction Destroyer 2 päeva tagasi
The belly button trick is just very gross 🤮
DoctorGoopta 3 päeva tagasi
“This cat for some reason really wants this potato” Me: eh??!
ettenme barrientos
ettenme barrientos 13 tundi tagasi
gets clapped by an kid
b a n s h i
b a n s h i 13 tundi tagasi
•[Îtš_Błuêbêrrŷ_ Smõøthîê]•
•[Îtš_Błuêbêrrŷ_ Smõøthîê]• 3 päeva tagasi
It’s fake wax because the nature wax can’t be scraped off with a knife I think it’s stuck on
HonkeyDoodleDonkey 3 päeva tagasi
Lol at the grocery store I work at if an apple falls to the ground we put it back on the shelf if no dents or bruises. SO WASH YOUR APPLES PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WASD Glitch
WASD Glitch 3 päeva tagasi
Kangaroo:Ima get me a few dollars Jumps on car*
RQ 3 päeva tagasi
The deer hates Santa for not choosing him to fly with him
Nico Lerch
Nico Lerch 3 päeva tagasi
Nobody: This guys belly button: 😙
Adi Das
Adi Das 3 päeva tagasi
Carbz 3 päeva tagasi
3:20 rudolf has had it with santas bs
Idlan Syakeel
Idlan Syakeel 3 päeva tagasi
Fruits had white head on it
Lt Goodwin
Lt Goodwin 3 päeva tagasi
2:15 that lake really likes to trap animals
CK The Ok
CK The Ok 3 päeva tagasi
“Are you an innie or an outtie?” That freak: “yes”
CK The Ok
CK The Ok 3 päeva tagasi
0:00 so that’s why apples usually taste like shit
PGGR 3 päeva tagasi
Poland does that the most i think
Fae10 3 päeva tagasi
Bruh I don’t care if my apple looks good I just care that it’s fresh and tastes good :)
jordanrichards320 3 päeva tagasi
Russian cats will steal your potatoes.
Katsuki Bakugo
Katsuki Bakugo 3 päeva tagasi
So that’s why apples feel weird when I put them under water
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