Walking Through Bread Paradise

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**Disclaimer** The person filming does not work at a bread factory
Links To Sources:
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Pi the dragon
Pi the dragon 2 місяці tagasi
It's always kind of sad to see an animal that's extinct. It's just living its life like any other animal, and it doesn't know that the whole world wants to see it live!
Robinson Cruise
Robinson Cruise 10 päeva tagasi
@Cool Carrot nobody wants them extinct though
Cool Carrot
Cool Carrot 10 päeva tagasi
Well if the whole world wanted them alive.... they wouldn’t be extinct
Gio M
Gio M 12 päeva tagasi
Did you notice that the grownups were hitting the fence? Ignorant people just have to hate everything?
Robinson Cruise
Robinson Cruise Місяць tagasi
@Big mack yeah cows and pigs ane chickens will probably go extinct haha
Jarno Місяць tagasi
J E L L I T Y / CAN I HIT 10K SUBCRIBERS PLEASE? 2 tundi tagasi
Anthony Breeden
Anthony Breeden 5 tundi tagasi
I wouldn't want to roast marshmallows behind that flame 😅
Sssunnyocean n
Sssunnyocean n 13 tundi tagasi
Who came from that tiktok with the amazing yoyoer
Rambo and friends
Rambo and friends Päev tagasi
0:03 LaurenZsides DREAM
Thato Mothothi
Thato Mothothi Päev tagasi
That YoYo gallery looks like a high school periodic chart from science class...
Thato Mothothi
Thato Mothothi Päev tagasi
That dog is possessed!
Green streak
Green streak Päev tagasi
The afterburner looks like a gta afterburner lmao.
Top Player Official
Top Player Official Päev tagasi
The ducks watching this be like: 👁️ 👁️ 👅
S F Päev tagasi
The guy vacuuming his dog should be reported.
Cornstoned 2 päeva tagasi
that beaver sounds like my puppy
Mrbanana :D
Mrbanana :D 3 päeva tagasi
Plot twist: the dog wanted to go to the vet
Ultra Lion Studios
Ultra Lion Studios 3 päeva tagasi
Human: cleans the dog with a vacuum Dog: well at least I’m getting belly rubs
phantasmo9998 4 päeva tagasi
The walking bread.
Jan Hálek
Jan Hálek 4 päeva tagasi
The tasmanian tiger looks like when you try to draw a dog but fail
Woodrow random Stritzel
Woodrow random Stritzel 5 päeva tagasi
fish_ cake
fish_ cake 7 päeva tagasi
*keep spending most our lives living in the bread paradise*
medasani parijatha
medasani parijatha 7 päeva tagasi
Omg so much waste of breaddd
Androminum 7 päeva tagasi
As I walk through the valley of the shadow of Bread I take a look at my life and realize there's only bread 'Cause I've been bakin' and laughin' so long That even my momma thinks that all the bread is gone But I ain't never crossed a man that didn't deserve it Me be treated like a mold, you know that's unheard of You better watch how you talkin' and where you walkin' Or you and your homies might be covered with bread I really hate to trip, but I gotta bake As they croak, I see myself in the oven's smoke Fool, I'm the kinda B the little bakers wanna be like On my knees in the night, sayin' prayers for the bread kind They been spending most their lives Livin' in a bread paradise They been spending most their lives Livin' in a bread paradise We keep spending most our lives Livin' in a bread paradise We keep spending most our lives Livin' in a bread paradise
Bird22 rawyt
Bird22 rawyt 7 päeva tagasi
Anyone from tiktok
Mr Tree
Mr Tree 8 päeva tagasi
Bro that dog is genuinely terrifying like that’s literally Cerberus
Toxic_LLCool 8 päeva tagasi
Daily Dose Of Internet: would you be brave enough to cut this dogs nails? Me: well that guy obviously is
56ix 9 päeva tagasi
All the bread be gangsta till the birds show up
Jorge B
Jorge B 9 päeva tagasi
the bever sounds like a baby
Yes Please
Yes Please 9 päeva tagasi
I love how it went from a dog summoning the devil and it just turned into a beaver moaning
Yes Please
Yes Please 9 päeva tagasi
Beaver: moaning
꧁Aschente꧂ 9 päeva tagasi
1:06 it may just be my dirty mind but if u close ur eyes and listen....it sounds like moan's Edit: or both
ShieldWolf 9 päeva tagasi
Always remember to vacuum your dogs regularly. :)
Charlie 9 päeva tagasi
"He doesn't bite honest"
Corey Douglas
Corey Douglas 9 päeva tagasi
Here from the kid with yoyos tiktok
Pathofyonko 9 päeva tagasi
Who else came here from that yoyo kid on tik tok?
Y.K’ 10 päeva tagasi
1:10 is that the Continental breakfast guy?
JudeTheDude 10 päeva tagasi
Thank you for the beaver video I really enjoyed it
ags rainbow
ags rainbow 10 päeva tagasi
yeah but i still wouldn't walk on that bread
SargeantSword Video
SargeantSword Video 10 päeva tagasi
Giving Dogs belly rubs in 2196 with a robotic vacum cleaner
CRANK UP 10 päeva tagasi
It looks like the 🦫 bever has tiny 🧤 gloves
imazyyy19 11 päeva tagasi
Omid Jahanbakhsh
Omid Jahanbakhsh 11 päeva tagasi
thats alot o bread
Amelia Chostner
Amelia Chostner 11 päeva tagasi
0:54, the dog just needs a friend, it's sad to see animals judged by what they look like
Jimmitheawesome 11 päeva tagasi
2:48 Woahhhhhhh the jet
Jimmitheawesome 11 päeva tagasi
I feel so bad for the Tasmanian tiger it got distinct 😞
Jimmitheawesome 11 päeva tagasi
Yes, I’d definitely would be brave enough to trim a dogs nails cause I’m a vegan 😀
Jimmitheawesome 11 päeva tagasi
Bread paradise?? 🤤🤤🤤
Leah Bone
Leah Bone 11 päeva tagasi
expectation: running on Broadway Reality: running on bread!
Andrew Selfridge
Andrew Selfridge 11 päeva tagasi
Wazzock 11 päeva tagasi
tf do you mean thats bound to make you a magnet
Andrew Selfridge
Andrew Selfridge 11 päeva tagasi
1:20 weird Americans typically wanted to hear this again the scuffed asmr creeps of the world
kugrond 12 päeva tagasi
Keep spending most our lives, living in a Bread Paradise.
Blueberry Gamez
Blueberry Gamez 13 päeva tagasi
LaurenzSide be like: WHERE IS THIS PLACE?
Yes I like flamingo
Yes I like flamingo 13 päeva tagasi
zOrex l
zOrex l 13 päeva tagasi
Dad: I dont like dogs Me: Brings a dog anyway Dad and the dog: 1:28
Regular Fern
Regular Fern 13 päeva tagasi
I think it’s really fucked that the people in the video of the Tasmanian tiger are banging on the side of the cage. It looks scared.
taus33fahmad 14 päeva tagasi
We Muslims would never walk on Bread, its blessings of God and shouldn't be under feet. It would thanklessness. May Allah forgive us before he take back blessings of food.
DK Games1
DK Games1 12 päeva tagasi
axe693axe 14 päeva tagasi
0:44 *AwHellNaw!*
Aaron Hawley
Aaron Hawley 14 päeva tagasi
I have control over the muscles next to my nose
Layla Lawati
Layla Lawati 15 päeva tagasi
How does he step on food🙄people are dyeing everyday because of having no food to eat
hurricane 16 päeva tagasi
i wish i could do tricks with a yoyo.
Attor Safar
Attor Safar 16 päeva tagasi
1:19 There are pranks on internet " eating loudly in library " brinving that beaver to lybrary would be a great idea.
Tactical Twinkie
Tactical Twinkie 17 päeva tagasi
been spending living most my life, living in the bread paradise
Hirsch Hawks
Hirsch Hawks 17 päeva tagasi
0:15 *Lauren would be amazed*
Haze 17 päeva tagasi
Stepping on bread...
smallest dab
smallest dab 18 päeva tagasi
1:59 looks like someone took a car commercial and replaced it with a puppy
Jagger Mattingly
Jagger Mattingly 18 päeva tagasi
Beaver really said yes
Munchie 20 päeva tagasi
I can make so many sandwiches
clairebwest1 20 päeva tagasi
Would I be brave enough to cliff that dogs nails? no
LOW BUDGET MoVIES 20 päeva tagasi
Someone: bruh your dog is very loyal to you Meanwhile when I just open his leash: 2:06
ᘔᑎᗩᑭ ՏTツᗪIOᘔ ❶
ᘔᑎᗩᑭ ՏTツᗪIOᘔ ❶ 20 päeva tagasi
Mom : I won't give you bread any more. *and I took that seriously.*
Rosalie the Melanie Martinez and fnaf fan
Rosalie the Melanie Martinez and fnaf fan 21 päev tagasi
0:53 my mom when my siblings talk back (the dog btw if your confused)
Dragon Gamerz 龙GZ
Dragon Gamerz 龙GZ 21 päev tagasi
0:47 that is one crazy ass dog
• B E A N ツユ
• B E A N ツユ 22 päeva tagasi
If the bread is supposed to be fed to animals why were they stepping all over it?🗿
Amanda Rios
Amanda Rios 22 päeva tagasi
Guy: u wike ur nails twimmed, boi? huh? Dog: *h e l l*
Andrew J. Hidalgo
Andrew J. Hidalgo 23 päeva tagasi
So that's where soldiers been teleporting all his bread.
Bear ASE
Bear ASE 23 päeva tagasi
Me after taco bell 2:50
Birb 23 päeva tagasi
This reminds me of cloudy with a chance of meatballs
dodge ram 1500 1996
dodge ram 1500 1996 23 päeva tagasi
The beaver and then the vacuum dog. Man I can't handle that much cuteness
Potatoh_ Fries
Potatoh_ Fries 24 päeva tagasi
*stop stepping on the bread, it’s making the bread dirty.*
willowspryte 25 päeva tagasi
Way to go, Australia.
Dream’s Wife
Dream’s Wife 27 päeva tagasi
3:26 nice flex killua
the_anime_nerd 27 päeva tagasi
Nobody is talking about how the guy is dirtying the bread with his shoes and their feeding those to the animals
Morple 28 päeva tagasi
Polneref land
John Roome
John Roome 28 päeva tagasi
Fun fact I work in the bread industry, we have more bread what is not in size
Em Dragon
Em Dragon 29 päeva tagasi
that beaver sounds like two things... either a baby or your upstairs neighbors at 2am
Jordan! Місяць tagasi
Can you like..... stop stepping all over my brothers?
MrReindeerTheIV Місяць tagasi
0:47 thats not a dog thata a demon
PogChamp Місяць tagasi
I thought Daily was going to Billy Jean'd us with that beaver sound.
Abeera Fazal
Abeera Fazal Місяць tagasi
Humiliating brelds is not gppd
Alvan Olie
Alvan Olie Місяць tagasi
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the internet is just incredible. The Elderly: What's a internet?
neoselket Місяць tagasi
1:28 "Wanna go out with me tonight?" "Sorry, i have to vacuum the dog"
sarah Місяць tagasi
3:00 i thought it was a portal to the other dimension 😺
Pierce Pattman
Pierce Pattman Місяць tagasi
Ahh yes my favorite TV series *Looks at smudged paper* Bread Walking.
Game Tec Pro
Game Tec Pro Місяць tagasi
LMAO that beaver was so fun to watch
I don’t know
I don’t know Місяць tagasi
“would you be brave enough to trim this dog’s nails?” no, im not trimming the spawn of satan’s nails
Heyyy it’s Hayden
Heyyy it’s Hayden Місяць tagasi
Dog: *literal satan* owner:*𝓴𝓲𝓼𝓼*😜
Ines Sarajevo
Ines Sarajevo Місяць tagasi
0:15 laurenZside would love this
kid off fredom
kid off fredom Місяць tagasi
That dog turnd in to a werewolf
Zac Harding
Zac Harding Місяць tagasi
I want a beaver! ... I mean, the kind you hold and feed ... I mean, the kind you enjoy petting ... I mean, to have as a pet ... Oh good grief!
Spike The Mad Birb
Spike The Mad Birb Місяць tagasi
That dog is a demon. Owner of the dog:( Kisses dog ) Me: "Wth I would be scarred for life. That thing will destroy me"
Sweet Tart Tartin ass
Sweet Tart Tartin ass Місяць tagasi
Oh and wouldn't you look at that the last tasmanian tiger is in a cage In the video. Humans are fucking trash.
Thomas Therrell
Thomas Therrell Місяць tagasi
mamamamamam saeja
mamamamamam saeja Місяць tagasi
0:46 Dog: *Satan noises* Guy: :|
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