Plane Engine Explodes Mid-Flight

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Carina Nolasco
Carina Nolasco 11 päeva tagasi
Thank you for sharing your sunset with us :)
Sam H
Sam H 5 päeva tagasi
Adam 9 päeva tagasi
Cuppy 10 päeva tagasi
Baibhav Rai
Baibhav Rai 10 päeva tagasi
Dancing dog was also op
Baibhav Rai
Baibhav Rai 10 päeva tagasi
The sunset was best and now this section will be closes yeeee
Pixel Plays
Pixel Plays 27 minutit tagasi
Plane engine: *explodes* Everyone: WERE GONNA DIE!!! The person on the plane: this would make a great EEpost vid! 😀
Rizki Rizali
Rizki Rizali Tund tagasi
You are very very MADE my dayy!!!
•Lavender_Skyz• 2 tundi tagasi
0:35 alright who else thought that she was for real flying for a second?
Sebastian Naranjo
Sebastian Naranjo 3 tundi tagasi
Mother Nature after seeing this video: I really need to give giant clams a vision update
Hurgleflurp 3 tundi tagasi
"You've got a hole in your right wing!"
Mega OOF
Mega OOF 5 tundi tagasi
Guess I got snail vision when I take my glasses off.
Spongey 5 tundi tagasi
1:06 pause at the very start of the clip
Paolo Guerra
Paolo Guerra 6 tundi tagasi
oh to be a clam and have a DMT trip for the rest of your life
Tsaqif Rizky
Tsaqif Rizky 6 tundi tagasi
Not pog bros
John Hurley
John Hurley 8 tundi tagasi
Alaska boi?
Emily An
Emily An 10 tundi tagasi
Being a giant clam is what it’s really like to chew five gum
ricenoodle homie
ricenoodle homie 10 tundi tagasi
Sunsets are like that in Saskatchewan all the time
The Shad0Wmem3r
The Shad0Wmem3r 10 tundi tagasi
I bet that Plane was in Saudi
Emily An
Emily An 10 tundi tagasi
Only channel I hit "LIKE" before watching.
Emma Scheitrum
Emma Scheitrum 12 tundi tagasi
the sunset looks amazing
Hank Hirt
Hank Hirt 12 tundi tagasi
i was right under the plane when it happened i even have a piece
Free Fire Plus Ludo Games
Free Fire Plus Ludo Games 13 tundi tagasi
watch my videos
The Dolphin
The Dolphin 14 tundi tagasi
Who else spends hours on their videos and gets 45 views imagine everyone who liked this comment subbed lol that would be crazy
tencents Tund tagasi
That's where you need to learn marketing.
tea green
tea green 15 tundi tagasi
Where does he live? I wanna know really bad
Zoom 16 tundi tagasi
no one gonna talk about how the cushion disrespected the camera man?
habibi 18 tundi tagasi
0:16 *Yeah and for anyone watching, this was spirit airlines.*
cluelesscheese1 21 tund tagasi
My day is better!! Thank you!!! These get me thru when the world looks bleak.
Marci Turáni
Marci Turáni Päev tagasi
That guy on the plane got the best and the worst seat at the same time
thatslender mia
thatslender mia Päev tagasi
I think the one where that person at the skating rink was so cool
s6ulvfx Päev tagasi
"Luckily no one was injured because they all died immediately from heart attacks.
Dina Ushchekina
Dina Ushchekina Päev tagasi
The unarmed hip recurrently belong because representative generically jam next a vacuous ink. scrawny, quirky flock
Ophelia Joseph
Ophelia Joseph Päev tagasi
2:19 ..the dog be like ..YOU ARE INTERRUPT MY ITCH💪
julie clifford
julie clifford Päev tagasi
Michael Jackson would have fun with the spinning deal... xo.
T Giere
T Giere Päev tagasi
Only channel I hit "LIKE" before watching.
Loogies Stuff
Loogies Stuff Päev tagasi
I won’t the squeaky cat as my own,
Baz828 Päev tagasi
Suddenly this planes engine exploded on its way to Hawaii Sounds familiar?
Kieragaming 57
Kieragaming 57 Päev tagasi
1:24 walking out the last day of school be like:
Axel Gamer
Axel Gamer Päev tagasi
But are there ok?
Spooki Draw
Spooki Draw Päev tagasi
Gigant Clams be out there high AF
Eden Brizio
Eden Brizio Päev tagasi
3:07 WOW!!!! And I live by the ocean
i think he lives in canada... or maybe north U.S.A
Rachel Bleeker
Rachel Bleeker Päev tagasi
he's so wholesome with his little sunset
The Patriot171
The Patriot171 Päev tagasi
1:06 the most random video ever
Mugabe M'Dik
Mugabe M'Dik Päev tagasi
You got a hole in your right wing
Cha Cha Real Smooth
Cha Cha Real Smooth Päev tagasi
1:25 me and the bois going to get some b e a n s
Just Macncheese
Just Macncheese Päev tagasi
well thats not ideal
Ben Ansel
Ben Ansel Päev tagasi
Mate that sunset... Glorious! It earns you a like and sub! Thanks a lot for these great videos
Drip Kage
Drip Kage Päev tagasi
Me after I come out of my uncles bedroom: 1:25 Me: ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ My uncle: (¬‿¬)
Mason Pugh
Mason Pugh Päev tagasi
2:49 turn on captions
K C Päev tagasi
1:08 god really said "bed time"
Created Fit
Created Fit Päev tagasi
I love how you just let some videos speak for themselves
minij hooi
minij hooi Päev tagasi
Everyone: about to die Random person: oooh fire go brrrr
corndogs lol
corndogs lol Päev tagasi
1:25 Me and the boys at 3 am
Dorian Rogers
Dorian Rogers Päev tagasi
dogs can see color stop spreading the lie
minij hooi
minij hooi Päev tagasi
how do you always get the best sunsets to record I'm jealous
Johnny Conscious
Johnny Conscious Päev tagasi
Can't hear your boring accent
Calibxr _
Calibxr _ Päev tagasi
That lady who kicked the dude
Commu Nist
Commu Nist Päev tagasi
If that video of the engine burning was taken before it blew up, I think I know who did it
Jamie on 60 FPS
Jamie on 60 FPS Päev tagasi
The 3rd clip is crazy 😂
Супер Суник
Супер Суник Päev tagasi
What is 1 game?
Ma. Corazon Mabanag
Ma. Corazon Mabanag Päev tagasi
Hawaii was too hot thats why the plane engine exploded lol
DRW Music
DRW Music Päev tagasi
3:07 yeah and the end of the world
Asaf Busani Asaf Busani
Asaf Busani Asaf Busani Päev tagasi
wtf ישראלים- לייק
Mariomiibo Päev tagasi
1:10 *look out!*
hdpmrr Päev tagasi
[1:25] My name is Little-Trotting-Dog.
「Mochi edits」
「Mochi edits」 2 päeva tagasi
LOL! My mom’s friends had pieces of plane in there yard
Sergey Barzul
Sergey Barzul 2 päeva tagasi
I can tel were you live wif dat sonset
Bean_ Leader
Bean_ Leader 2 päeva tagasi
Good thing they weren’t over the ocean
Francesca 2 päeva tagasi
A plane engine exploded in my city a week ago and a huge pice of metal landed in my neighbor's yard. It might be that same one in the video
Limeify 2 päeva tagasi
how do you always get the best sunsets to record I'm jealous
dpkdz 2 päeva tagasi
So I'm a Snail.
Vanessa doofenshmirtz
Vanessa doofenshmirtz 2 päeva tagasi
My mom actually shut the door of that aircraft before takeoff.
NetiJer 3
NetiJer 3 2 päeva tagasi
1:08 luckily no one was injured.....right?
Colin Watt
Colin Watt 2 päeva tagasi
Hello everyone this is your daily dose of stress
Aviation Top 5s
Aviation Top 5s 2 päeva tagasi
That plane was literally lit. Showed it to my girl and she said "that's hot".
Potato 2 päeva tagasi
This is why I don’t book seats next to the engines
Dragon Innit
Dragon Innit 2 päeva tagasi
That american airlines flight scared me monkaS
Afran Al Hassan 9618
Afran Al Hassan 9618 2 päeva tagasi
1:31 that's me when I am happy
Sean Gask
Sean Gask 2 päeva tagasi
Thank you for sharing your sunset with us :)
Pat Lach
Pat Lach 2 päeva tagasi
nice Ty"
massattac 2 päeva tagasi
Me going to get a midnight snack at 3 am: 1:25
Lost Sheep of Yasharahla
Lost Sheep of Yasharahla 2 päeva tagasi
Are you leafy?
Shadow NightLeopard
Shadow NightLeopard 2 päeva tagasi
Beautiful sunset. I love the snow by the way. Lucky you 😊
Austin Kirkham
Austin Kirkham 2 päeva tagasi
harris a lil sus
Saint Guel
Saint Guel 2 päeva tagasi
what if our vision to space are not really accurate like what clams vision to everything, where they only see random colors and we in the other see the universe like an empty space full of planets and stars and doesnt really see or sense other beings because their wavelength are not similar to ours. what if just outside near our solar system theres an entire civilization studying us and we didnt have any idea because we are lacking in physical, mental and intellectual capacity
Landons Vlogs
Landons Vlogs 2 päeva tagasi
My friend was on that plane
Leticia Ambriz
Leticia Ambriz 2 päeva tagasi
National airlines we cafe
Adithya Elavzahagan
Adithya Elavzahagan 2 päeva tagasi
That sun set looks like doom guy arising
Olga Figueroa Fábrega
Olga Figueroa Fábrega 2 päeva tagasi
DDOI in 2055: 2:59 on mars
GB bTd
GB bTd 2 päeva tagasi
thumbnail is always first video . good!!!
Wheezer 2 päeva tagasi
Jerry forgot to put in coolant before the flight
Abuzer Kömürcü
Abuzer Kömürcü 2 päeva tagasi
Cool engine
HerrSeekadett 2 päeva tagasi
maybe more real footage like the sun ?
MegaTurtle27 2 päeva tagasi
Plane engine explodes Him: Interesting
Caleb Kunze
Caleb Kunze 2 päeva tagasi
beautiful sunset ;) i love ur vids
YourHusband 2 päeva tagasi
planes are actually made to fly with one engine, fun fact
Hunter101610 2 päeva tagasi
everyone on the plane: its working at least
William Martin
William Martin 2 päeva tagasi
I love your videos. I feel like i can trust your videos and your making youtube better
struan corner
struan corner 2 päeva tagasi
1:30 he lovin life 😂
Holidays HD
Holidays HD 3 päeva tagasi
Yesus. Thanks goodnes no parts of the turbine hit someone on the ground
Isabella K
Isabella K 3 päeva tagasi
Clams see what you see if there’s a spot of water on your phone screen
Draco Maloy
Draco Maloy 3 päeva tagasi
DDOI: puts 1 ad at end every video and no clickbait The bois:😤😤😤😤😤
Cayden Cooper
Cayden Cooper 3 päeva tagasi
That dog vibing though
Jones Matthew
Jones Matthew 3 päeva tagasi
Nice sunset!
Floof Dreamer
Floof Dreamer 3 päeva tagasi
Wurmi God
Wurmi God 3 päeva tagasi
im beginning to feel like these arent your sunsets...
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