Lava Devours An Entire Car

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Coin Місяць tagasi
We need more bloopers!
Adventure Dinosaurs G
Adventure Dinosaurs G 23 päeva tagasi
Coinflip 29 päeva tagasi
How dare you take my name
Jarred 333
Jarred 333 Місяць tagasi
Maquazaè Місяць tagasi
Izzat Nobody
Izzat Nobody Місяць tagasi
But why?
SC13 2 tundi tagasi
Like a good neighbor, Statefarm is- ok when am I retiring again?
Nics 12 tundi tagasi
0:54 LOL!
Astro Apollo
Astro Apollo 14 tundi tagasi
the immigration thing is awful
Yung Katsu
Yung Katsu 14 tundi tagasi
Why is everyone still calling Czech Republic Czechoslovakia... anoying
Polly 22 tundi tagasi
World:bottleflip Guy:duckflip
Mr. Krabs Mungus
Mr. Krabs Mungus Päev tagasi
Jacob Mcjunkin
Jacob Mcjunkin Päev tagasi
00:54 that's not funny, that's fucked up. We seriously need to put a lock on this dog breeding business, it's getting out of hand.
Captain Tom
Captain Tom Päev tagasi
0:54 How I'm feeling
xWhisperx Päev tagasi
Imagine being asleep in that car? Yikers
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez 2 päeva tagasi
Hu, Ford tough you say?
Created Fit
Created Fit 2 päeva tagasi
In 1942 all those European countries were trying to escape the Nazis
Paul Coover
Paul Coover 2 päeva tagasi
So instead of moving the car you filmed it.
Mokridze Mokridze
Mokridze Mokridze 2 päeva tagasi
1:30 Just Like The Simulations
Wereamiinurface 3 päeva tagasi
Imagine if Morgz was in that car.
Christopher Armstrong
Christopher Armstrong 3 päeva tagasi
That immigration chart was so depressing 😭
DiscoKitten5 3 päeva tagasi
RSS- DR-Kumar 666
RSS- DR-Kumar 666 3 päeva tagasi
Mah e co
Diether Santos
Diether Santos 4 päeva tagasi
Poor Mustang lol
Honklerton 4 päeva tagasi
Uhh - I would have broke the window of the car - got a screw driver - broke open the ignition, and hot wired it. Or I would have tried putting it into gear and pushing the damn car out of the way.
Lukky 4 päeva tagasi
Is it just me, or did the “Gas Gas Gas” meme song play in your head at 1:50???
Mr_ZeeBeastALT 4 päeva tagasi
0:54 me when jojo part 6 comes out
DINO- JIRA 5 päeva tagasi
Reminds me of the scene in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom when the lava devoured the Ford Explorer
hyoga rio
hyoga rio 5 päeva tagasi
1:58 enter GAS! GAS! GAS! theme song for mexico
Cookie For lifE
Cookie For lifE 5 päeva tagasi
Everyone else :I hope know one was in there Me:that looks like chocolate cunks
Saget_sux 5 päeva tagasi
I can tell that dog at 0:55 had a lot of pent up anger and just need to let it all out
Chill Player 504
Chill Player 504 5 päeva tagasi
They in x games mode!
Chill Player 504
Chill Player 504 5 päeva tagasi
Jeez the lava
Rishik Bhoumick
Rishik Bhoumick 5 päeva tagasi
Everone gangsta until mexico came in
Rishik Bhoumick
Rishik Bhoumick 5 päeva tagasi
Thats y u should always park in the parking area
BUMBLE BEAST 5 päeva tagasi
Are we gona ignore the fact that some person legit stood there for a couple minutes or hours or so and watched as a car was burnt -_-
Jakol lang
Jakol lang 6 päeva tagasi
Hey B i t c h
Zap Rowsdower
Zap Rowsdower 6 päeva tagasi
2:48 what's the name of the town?
Wade Higgins
Wade Higgins 6 päeva tagasi
Lava was hungry, want to eat car!
Delanor Rosey
Delanor Rosey 6 päeva tagasi
Out of ALL of the comments, not ONE has mentioned America's Demographic Winter. Much less the fact that less Europeans and more third world immigrants emigrate to the US. I guess America needs more cheap labor than moderate Progressives.
Jezza 7 päeva tagasi
One crowd was saved
Kayden Perez
Kayden Perez 7 päeva tagasi
Cason Scarce
Cason Scarce 7 päeva tagasi
0:54 got me so good
Hunter 7 päeva tagasi
0:55 me when i have 20 pages of homework on the weekend
Sandhya Bhandari
Sandhya Bhandari 7 päeva tagasi
Thats Nepalese language in the background when that bird is eating honey
J blox SMILLWK_LEGEND 8 päeva tagasi
1:33 nice Jesus car ya got there
Count the ways Funtime Freddy
Count the ways Funtime Freddy 8 päeva tagasi
That pug victory screech is good let’s hear mine reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you like it??
Janna Castro
Janna Castro 8 päeva tagasi
the bird landed so perfectly lol
Janna Castro
Janna Castro 8 päeva tagasi
the number of Filipino immigrants basically means we want to leave our country so badly
Saqq 8 päeva tagasi
This car is on fayaaaaa
TheDailyDonut YT
TheDailyDonut YT 8 päeva tagasi
That robots talented
John Paul Smithdeal
John Paul Smithdeal 9 päeva tagasi
“Mom, your car is lava!!” “What do you mean I thought the floor was lava?” “No like your car is currently lava”
Subnautica is good
Subnautica is good 9 päeva tagasi
1:50 Gas Gas Gas meme
Cash Money
Cash Money 9 päeva tagasi
Not the bees
TyDawg1101 9 päeva tagasi
all of that water is from dog pee
lem0n_ 9 päeva tagasi
Me when I see a spider: 0:55
LUDO 9 päeva tagasi
2.00 American immigrants there all immigrants. Apart from the indigenous people.
Leticia Yuson
Leticia Yuson 9 päeva tagasi
0:55 warf Me: tf wats the warf sound Dog: i warf like a gay Me: XD
Leticia Yuson
Leticia Yuson 9 päeva tagasi
0:55 warf Me: tf wats the warf sound Dog: i warf like a gay Me: XD
Nightmare LMAO
Nightmare LMAO 10 päeva tagasi
cheers mate
cheers mate 10 päeva tagasi
I'd love to be the one to explain to my wife that i just left my car on the side of the road for work and whilse it was there it was engulfed in lava that only affected the exact spot my car was in.
もり 10 päeva tagasi
ur laugh was really cute omg 😄
GeraldGabeGray Stokley
GeraldGabeGray Stokley 10 päeva tagasi
0:58 is when you see scream
zachary hart
zachary hart 10 päeva tagasi
1:59 *Gas gas gas*
Neeraj r s Neeraj r s
Neeraj r s Neeraj r s 10 päeva tagasi
0:14 lava crossing the road
ohDrum 11 päeva tagasi
Rip that car, gotta be hard explaining that to insurance
Random Movies
Random Movies 11 päeva tagasi
2:50 its whovill from the grinch
Unpredictable Lego Guy
Unpredictable Lego Guy 11 päeva tagasi
When they jumped off the cliff it felt like i was. I was very scared
Sophia Francesca Ridon
Sophia Francesca Ridon 11 päeva tagasi
Screaming dog😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Carson B Dot
Carson B Dot 11 päeva tagasi
Man bottle flipped a ducj
MihaelSt 11 päeva tagasi
Huh???? Why is there just random lava?
Qala Darcq
Qala Darcq 11 päeva tagasi
his last chuckle at the end proves he aint a robot
Bill Gate
Bill Gate 11 päeva tagasi
What is the name of the small Canadian town
Yuli Quintero
Yuli Quintero 11 päeva tagasi
Did you guys notice there is no forest fire
Eric Fong
Eric Fong 11 päeva tagasi
Recorder of the first clip: I am watching it burn
Ben Kamdem
Ben Kamdem 11 päeva tagasi
00:55 *when the skin of my balls gets trapped in the zip*
IronSirenGaming 12 päeva tagasi
0:39 The dog be like "I'm right here, what do you want? Are you blind?"
Rayming 12 päeva tagasi
Seriously tho, there should be a gas gas gas meme for Mexico on the foreign-born population thingy.
Chris Young
Chris Young 12 päeva tagasi
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
Navalona Ramanantoanina
Navalona Ramanantoanina 12 päeva tagasi
Doctor: Monster Lava doesn't exist, it can't hurt you Monster Lava:
An Onion in Alaska
An Onion in Alaska 12 päeva tagasi
Cool video!
Nils Tijger
Nils Tijger 12 päeva tagasi
1:24 thats gta v shit!
frozencloud17 12 päeva tagasi
"Why were you out yesterday?" "A volcano ate my Volvo."
Tigerstripes 11th Marines
Tigerstripes 11th Marines 12 päeva tagasi
I wonder why the car was not driven away before the lava arrived.
Andy Alexander
Andy Alexander 12 päeva tagasi
I came here to watch a car getting eaten by lava... It turned out better than I expected
Hiboy908 13 päeva tagasi
2:51 I just went skiing there it is on mr.nourquay looks good and I know exactly where it is so that is cool to see
MarkMarkers 13 päeva tagasi
The lava is hungry
Alex ‘
Alex ‘ 13 päeva tagasi
Bruh I almost shit myself 0:54 😂
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 13 päeva tagasi
When the man called in about his car being engulfed by lava, the claims department probably thought it was a prank call and hung up the phone! 😂
Exterrr gaming PUBG
Exterrr gaming PUBG 13 päeva tagasi
bottle flip: level 1: water bottle level 2: flip a chair level 3: flip pen level daily does of internet: pigeon
I am Jay
I am Jay 13 päeva tagasi
Of course the most immigrants are Mexicans
Michael Jones
Michael Jones 13 päeva tagasi
I'm never getting that 3 minutes back.
Mashobane Vusi Khumalo
Mashobane Vusi Khumalo 13 päeva tagasi
0:30 Bentley looked at her like "bihh is you high?"
Mega Indo raptor
Mega Indo raptor 13 päeva tagasi
For a sec I thought it said larva devours an entire car
Bailey Brannan
Bailey Brannan 13 päeva tagasi
0:30 wtf I was literally calling for my cat whose name is Bentley. That’s strange af.
Sylas R6
Sylas R6 13 päeva tagasi
what town in canada was that
Alex Perez
Alex Perez 13 päeva tagasi
Here’s my cat and here’s my car..
Rob O'Neill
Rob O'Neill 13 päeva tagasi
that lava is old video from Hawaii 2012!
Thorne Owen
Thorne Owen 13 päeva tagasi
OH NO, not the 1930 Nissan Centra kindle fire edition....
Thorne Owen
Thorne Owen 13 päeva tagasi
All hail Bob Ross
Gamercrew 13 päeva tagasi
Master backfliper the bird 2:21
Gamercrew 13 päeva tagasi
At the same time I thought it was a baby
Ironman Mark38
Ironman Mark38 13 päeva tagasi
1:29 fucking GTA BUG😂
JB_Plays_Games 13 päeva tagasi
1:32 It’s like a Japanese toilet.
Kyudo Kun
Kyudo Kun 13 päeva tagasi
The volcano be like: "Yo homie you don't have to mine, I'll give you this bulk of rare earth for free
Dude Love
Dude Love 13 päeva tagasi
Comparing lava from movies to this, 😯
Mary Star
Mary Star 14 päeva tagasi
Lava flows are as if they come from the depths of Hell, devouring everything in its path. It reminds me of an old film classic called "The Blob". Instead of Hell, it came from outerspace. It kept on growing as it devoured every living thing in its path.
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