Dog Sliding Down A Snowy Hill

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Jagoda B.
Jagoda B. Місяць tagasi
"Someone made a device, that doesn't really accomplish anything." Pretty much what my parents did
duha 26 päeva tagasi
Riley Qwerty
Riley Qwerty Місяць tagasi
Cyanify Місяць tagasi
Cyanify Місяць tagasi
Cyanify Місяць tagasi
Maya 2 tundi tagasi
That was an awkward combination of Videos I didn't expect
Walht 8 tundi tagasi
Aw there’s a fish tank within the fish tank
Trentin Reeves
Trentin Reeves 10 tundi tagasi
I watch these videos at school and I die laughing
Evan Snyder
Evan Snyder 13 tundi tagasi
play fortnite!?!?!?
Rachel Bleeker
Rachel Bleeker Päev tagasi
Sabrina Murray
Sabrina Murray Päev tagasi
Hello cookie hampster
Michal Doubek
Michal Doubek Päev tagasi
Češi na sjezdovce :D
Izz 2 päeva tagasi
I am now obsessed with the term “fish nursery”
The Brick Whisperer
The Brick Whisperer 3 päeva tagasi
1:26 me and the boys after we clutch the gulag
April Williams
April Williams 3 päeva tagasi
Good vid!!
Film of MInecraft Studio
Film of MInecraft Studio 3 päeva tagasi
češi na začátku xd
ᄏᄏ미국얼짱 3 päeva tagasi
0:41 Gta be like:
Joseph Harris
Joseph Harris 3 päeva tagasi
1:42 those pullman guys
Christopher Asbreuk
Christopher Asbreuk 3 päeva tagasi
1:59 pretty much sums up gta loading screens
Jonathan Field
Jonathan Field 3 päeva tagasi
monke 3 päeva tagasi
You should make a complication of people drawing perfect circle's
Shadow X
Shadow X 4 päeva tagasi
That dog is a true dawg
Dean Raney
Dean Raney 4 päeva tagasi
When I saw that cat put its paw inside her mouth my mind immediately thought of dirty kitty litter.
peas in a pod gaming
peas in a pod gaming 4 päeva tagasi
Cookie has a little mustache! so cute!
KMT0425 4 päeva tagasi
dude was playing gta irl for a little bit there
airu nee
airu nee 4 päeva tagasi
the cat playing longest word is so adorable but annoying to their neighbors lmao
I WANT TO END 4 päeva tagasi
The machine which did nothing was best example of school.
Cynthia Wolf
Cynthia Wolf 5 päeva tagasi
That sliding dog is amazing!! and so cute
Wakusa 5 päeva tagasi
0:50 midnight club be like....
Yo dada
Yo dada 5 päeva tagasi
0:22 chinise girl s lunch
Luka Pejkovic
Luka Pejkovic 5 päeva tagasi
Yo say hi to Broccoli he seems pretty chill
Crashburn 32
Crashburn 32 6 päeva tagasi
"This person is explaining what's happening in videos that need no explanation."
Xavgamer Funny playlists
Xavgamer Funny playlists 6 päeva tagasi
Aww cookie is so cute
mininggamer9 6 päeva tagasi
I also have a pet hamster! his name is Lucky, And I also have a black cat named Cookie! Rhyming names! :D
ZUFAR ZOOF 7 päeva tagasi
Yang ke sini gara2 Luthfi halimawan👍
Nerys Torrelio
Nerys Torrelio 7 päeva tagasi
wow i love cookie
TheLazySoldier 7 päeva tagasi
Title is misleading
Wille W
Wille W 7 päeva tagasi
cookie detymjuffljh
Ronald Bonnell
Ronald Bonnell 7 päeva tagasi
1:49 why is that so funny
void eater
void eater 7 päeva tagasi
0:43 failed succecfully
Grayson S.
Grayson S. 7 päeva tagasi
good job, u have found my comment have a cookie 🍪
Valentin Saxton
Valentin Saxton 7 päeva tagasi
bro u have the best world's videos
Marek Vojtíšek
Marek Vojtíšek 7 päeva tagasi
na začátku byli česi
BlobbyTroll 8 päeva tagasi
The political hamster pathomorphologically crush because stepdaughter gergely radiate alongside a internal fish. tight, womanly cirrus
EVaN Vļåhøš
EVaN Vļåhøš 8 päeva tagasi
0:53 mans was playing gta IRL
Moon Dog
Moon Dog 8 päeva tagasi
Just so people know, never feed your pet lizard wild insects. You never know what he is ingesting.
Why. Bro.
Why. Bro. 8 päeva tagasi
Is no one going to talk about what a cute hamster Cookie is?
Andrew Dhondrup
Andrew Dhondrup 8 päeva tagasi
0:43 gta 5 physics
Oliver Smith
Oliver Smith 8 päeva tagasi
0:37 really got me 🤣🤣🤣😂😂
The Penguin Gamer
The Penguin Gamer 8 päeva tagasi
this is the real definition of a dog sled
Sean Bosco
Sean Bosco 8 päeva tagasi
1:53 loading screens before the internet
Nxssa 8 päeva tagasi
lets be honest you watched this video before and came back for cookie😌 I may be wrong tho-
Nate Lockyer
Nate Lockyer 8 päeva tagasi
that car did a real life mariokart shortcut huh
Daniel Walker
Daniel Walker 8 päeva tagasi
Your voice is calm it will put me to sleep XD love your videos who couldn't subscribe I need these videos to keep me going
Marko J.
Marko J. 8 päeva tagasi
0:29 my dentist
Terra Kleinow
Terra Kleinow 9 päeva tagasi
I love cookie also that’s pretty cool he likes to eat broccoli 🥦
Shadow bunni
Shadow bunni 9 päeva tagasi
He’s so wholesome
Whoman 9 päeva tagasi
Cookie is dope
Vernice Aure
Vernice Aure 9 päeva tagasi
The mating dance of Bald Eagles is very Game of Thrones. Although, usually it's started way up high, not that close to ground. That's kind of "Come here.. Whee.. Splat.
Yingjuan Liang
Yingjuan Liang 9 päeva tagasi
Some dogs are heroes but most of them are legends
Coolrooman 9 päeva tagasi
Yay Cookie!!! 🐹 ❤
Dr. No Money
Dr. No Money 9 päeva tagasi
0:23 That cats mother must be proud, what a dentist 😂
Oob Joob
Oob Joob 9 päeva tagasi
Pizza Cåt
Pizza Cåt 10 päeva tagasi
Hyphens 10 päeva tagasi
Cookie looks energetic
Hansana Perera
Hansana Perera 10 päeva tagasi
6.6M ppl clicked this video to watch a dog sliding down a snowy hill....that's what i like to see
Arya 10 päeva tagasi
Yo my dog has the same name bro
Primmixxie 11 päeva tagasi
Anyone likes jdm
Random Movies
Random Movies 11 päeva tagasi
1:12 if me and the boys were Airbenders
Master YodaBean
Master YodaBean 11 päeva tagasi
Everyones talking about how adorable or how cool the dog is sliding down the hill but im here thinking how cold it would be
griffith duffy
griffith duffy 11 päeva tagasi
1:07 it was at this moment he knew, he dun messsed up
Cody Johnson
Cody Johnson 11 päeva tagasi
Isaiah Garcia
Isaiah Garcia 11 päeva tagasi
Carson B Dot
Carson B Dot 11 päeva tagasi
I want a Cookie
danbott81 11 päeva tagasi
This comment is NOT going to b l o w up
Blinni Kujat
Blinni Kujat 11 päeva tagasi
The rigid cream concordantly possess because neck beverly grate between a somber desert. easy, lavish bathroom
Wyatt Peterson
Wyatt Peterson 11 päeva tagasi
awww cookie
Gabox F
Gabox F 11 päeva tagasi
1:44 just like me
Pink Noodle
Pink Noodle 11 päeva tagasi
That cat only wanted to play *with the inside of their owners mouth*
ISAAC VAZQUEZ GUZMAN 11 päeva tagasi
Loading screens be like: 1:56
Isaac Edmonds
Isaac Edmonds 11 päeva tagasi
Cookie's eating his vegetables
cutie pie
cutie pie 12 päeva tagasi
the video was awesome like always, Daily Dose Of Internet. also, hi cookie!
Maddax DeFrancesco
Maddax DeFrancesco 12 päeva tagasi
i had the same wheel that your hamster has but my guinie pig HATED it he was terifyed of it X'D
RamSLade On Blitz
RamSLade On Blitz 12 päeva tagasi
That marker and eraser device thingy is basically the loading screen
Chris Young
Chris Young 12 päeva tagasi
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
Sophia Lopez
Sophia Lopez 12 päeva tagasi
The cuteness level increases.
Marie W
Marie W 12 päeva tagasi
That car is the flying car from Harry Potter
Marie W
Marie W 12 päeva tagasi
Marker: Dude just let me finish drawing my circle Eraser: NEVER!!!!!
hypnosins 13 päeva tagasi
FgameCorp 13 päeva tagasi
0:52 *all I need starts playing*
niyah w
niyah w 13 päeva tagasi
1:46 The loading circle, realized
Spurdo Spärde
Spurdo Spärde 13 päeva tagasi
leafyishere is that you
Elmas Nasıl Bulunur
Elmas Nasıl Bulunur 13 päeva tagasi
hey, man, this is a great place, a little scary.
Maira plays
Maira plays 13 päeva tagasi
0:27 Cat got your tongue😂😂
Tim Dev
Tim Dev 13 päeva tagasi
1:17 So this is what it looks like when team Rocket drops back to earth.
Jaden LovesMclarenSpeedtail
Jaden LovesMclarenSpeedtail 13 päeva tagasi
"Yo it's ain't no supra, IT'S A TOYOTA SIENNAAAAAAAA"
Ashish Bairwa
Ashish Bairwa 13 päeva tagasi
A guy created a machine, that does absolutely nothing.. Me: It's still loading.
Timeja Gr
Timeja Gr 13 päeva tagasi
bayoo 14 päeva tagasi
na zacatku je ceskej clip xdd
arse stain
arse stain 14 päeva tagasi
You really dont want cat saliva on food or mouth, people get very sore throat because the huge difference in cat bacteria. Dangerous even.
ᴏᴛᴇ ᴍᴇᴇʟ
ᴏᴛᴇ ᴍᴇᴇʟ 14 päeva tagasi
Dude that police escape was more entertaining than any action movie😂
NOES 14 päeva tagasi
0:23 that cat all up in your breath
Martyx 14 päeva tagasi
Btw that was a Czech dog and Czech people how i know it ? Iam Czech
๑•I t z _ A i k o•๑
๑•I t z _ A i k o•๑ 15 päeva tagasi
1:46 loading screens be like
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