Curious Cat Smacks A Candle

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REMINDER: I am uploading my end of the year video on December 23rd. I will be showing the best clips from the past year.
"Best Of The Internet (2020)"
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Daily Dose Of Internet
Daily Dose Of Internet 2 місяці tagasi
REMINDER: I am uploading my end of the year video on December 23rd. I will be showing the best clips from the past year. It will be about 17 minutes long! "Best Of The Internet (2020)"
hurricane 16 päeva tagasi
hope you have a happy and healthy 2021! thanks for the binge watching material!
Silent freak
Silent freak 24 päeva tagasi
K Місяць tagasi
Maryellen Larkin
Maryellen Larkin Місяць tagasi
G_Rub 2 місяці tagasi
WOWZER you repost content from other people and sit in your ass inserting 2 sentences
Top comment man 0202
Top comment man 0202 14 tundi tagasi
You Päev tagasi
2:58 That deer can be a funnel train in the future
Yggdrasil Päev tagasi
artificial rain?, weather modification?, hmmm I was lead to believe chemtrails are a conspiraacy theory. Hmmmm.
RedMindedable 2 päeva tagasi
2:58 2* Deer in valheim
Tod 3 päeva tagasi
curiosity killed the fire
Gh . st
Gh . st 5 päeva tagasi
Why do cats make that vomiting reflex to weird stuff? I feel like I've seen other videos where cats have this vomiting relfex in response to weird stuff.
Verona Garcia
Verona Garcia 5 päeva tagasi
When balls play the piano better than you: 👁💧👄💧👁
Abhiraj Sunil Rajmane
Abhiraj Sunil Rajmane 6 päeva tagasi
3:00 that dear is inosuke
Matthew EuroFighterM
Matthew EuroFighterM 6 päeva tagasi
Hi daily
Petter Larsson
Petter Larsson 8 päeva tagasi
Imagine if every time you touch something hot you puke
The Ghost
The Ghost 9 päeva tagasi
Qrakhen 9 päeva tagasi
2:50 chemtrails confirmed
Reno Simpson
Reno Simpson 10 päeva tagasi
2:25 judging by the pen it’s the only joy that cow will ever have. Absolute disgrace to keep an animal in conditions like that.
theonly_beezy 0202
theonly_beezy 0202 10 päeva tagasi
So no one gone talk about how that deer look like it would beat you up and take all of ur belongings....
Shadow Lurker
Shadow Lurker 10 päeva tagasi
My man Jupiter gettin all the girls
jog de beste
jog de beste 10 päeva tagasi
Da cow do be vibing tho
philip demacos
philip demacos 11 päeva tagasi
The quack need macropharmacologically launch because castanet medicinally join between a lean temperature. nine, useful pyramid
chango's strikefirst
chango's strikefirst 11 päeva tagasi
so Thailand just exposed chem trails? but i bet here its more than salt.
BIack 11 päeva tagasi
Awh when did my kat get famous
Peter Coates
Peter Coates 12 päeva tagasi
The deer was like a train
Pendragonz 13 päeva tagasi
Theory, the piano wasnt plugged in, we hear a piano behind the camera
lois gages
lois gages 13 päeva tagasi
Thailand - "Pollution? Spread some more shit in the clouds"
John Burner
John Burner 15 päeva tagasi
1:33 That one boss with 74 weaker bosses.
Safwan Shuhaib
Safwan Shuhaib 9 päeva tagasi
When you mess with the wrong dude
Sanivia 15 päeva tagasi
I dont think poring salt into the air is doing any good to the nature at all. It doesnt solve the real problem. Sure it kinda works to make it rain ...but wtf mankind.
Goose 15 päeva tagasi
3:02 A fire after blowing it out 3:10 machine gun
AlexYazanRBLX 15 päeva tagasi
2:57 ur mom when she sees ur test results
Fred Sanderson
Fred Sanderson 15 päeva tagasi
Playing the keyboard like that is amazing.
hurricane 16 päeva tagasi
2:57 it looks that air is coming out of his ears. is it?
C Bricee
C Bricee 17 päeva tagasi
i see that deer i make a run for it
Trippidy Bippity
Trippidy Bippity 18 päeva tagasi
This guy can draw a perfect circle
An Actual Flamingo
An Actual Flamingo 18 päeva tagasi
subscribe to Daily Dose of Internet right now or you will be surrounded by cute kittens.
• Nutshell •
• Nutshell • 20 päeva tagasi
robotdeer.exe has stopped working
Nemesis Frosch
Nemesis Frosch 21 päev tagasi
Chemtrails OFF !
CHan2x 21 päev tagasi
when that deer was born, numbers of predator starts decreasing
Bearded Brian Is Jesus reborn
Bearded Brian Is Jesus reborn 21 päev tagasi
The deer really said 🤯😤
Nivit Mishra
Nivit Mishra 22 päeva tagasi
That deer was ready for a boss battle
• B E A N ツユ
• B E A N ツユ 22 päeva tagasi
That deer wanted all the smoke bruh💀🙏🏾
Kenzie Renea
Kenzie Renea 23 päeva tagasi
Bambi was about to kick that hiker’s ass
Yoav Ravid
Yoav Ravid 23 päeva tagasi
Make it rain
Silent freak
Silent freak 24 päeva tagasi
0:22 Reporter: so how did you do that? Juggling guy: *SKILLS* CORRECTION* *EDITING SKILLS*
oki d
oki d 24 päeva tagasi
Oooh chemtrails
Brodzy 25 päeva tagasi
Kamikazee 25 päeva tagasi
that deer wasnt playing lmao
Jesse 26 päeva tagasi
All well and good, but street cats should not be a thing
Hyun XP
Hyun XP 27 päeva tagasi
Deer: Who told you to walk in here!? Hiker: I'm walkin' heeeeere
Xidphel 28 päeva tagasi
2:54 Going for a walk in the woods F.O.E.!
Daniel Conde
Daniel Conde 28 päeva tagasi
Those two getting busted after stealing the equipment was just priceless. Karma is a BIOTCH! I remember once being at Alvalade Stadium (Lisbon, Portugal) to watch my football club playing, when during the break the speaker announced that a car in the stadium park was being robbed, but the Police got the robber. The whole stadium cheered as if it was a goal. 😂😂😂
Shad0wgaming666 28 päeva tagasi
Shad0wgaming666 28 päeva tagasi
I love space
Daniel Kolbin
Daniel Kolbin Місяць tagasi
In Soviet Russia, it's *OUR* daily dose of internet.
Sam Місяць tagasi
Them man at the end driving sports car with a cute dog beside him was so serious and look like he drives while his wife is beside him. :)
Steven Rainmaker
Steven Rainmaker Місяць tagasi
1:43 “Wuppup y’all? Welcome to MeowTV Cribz!”
Sans Undertale
Sans Undertale Місяць tagasi
So good 😊
Crayon Man
Crayon Man Місяць tagasi
Join the crayon cult group in roblox its name is the crayon cult. Tell others to join too
kewagner Місяць tagasi
im still trying to comprehend the piano in clip 2..
MAUSUMI DAS Місяць tagasi
that dear do be 😤
SuperHooper Місяць tagasi
2:54 Cmon gamefreak you slackin!
Brian Місяць tagasi
Looks like the shelter is for the three neighborhood cats and a racoon.
Rheanna Allen
Rheanna Allen Місяць tagasi
Why that cat look like toothless I mean green eyes and black fur cant see a difference
Firu Kerubin
Firu Kerubin Місяць tagasi
I think that deer is the new Beast Titan
KitKat GamerZ
KitKat GamerZ Місяць tagasi
0:28 he has way more talent than charli
Diego Sanchez
Diego Sanchez 9 päeva tagasi
its fake. when he plays the last note, he throws down one ball but three notes come out
azzahra Місяць tagasi
Aww 2:12 it just wanna eat some shnoww (*´∇`*)
Gremlin City
Gremlin City Місяць tagasi
I hope that cat paws OK
Vikas Patil 8th C
Vikas Patil 8th C Місяць tagasi
That Cat Said: *WHAT THE SH*T IS THIS, UGHH* I understood that.
-MochiGalaxee_Chan- Місяць tagasi
1:37 Awwhhh They are so cute😭❤✨✨
SAIGON 67 Місяць tagasi
This guy is the solid opposite of clickbait
R R Місяць tagasi
@1:05 how stupid do you have to be... seriously.
Rottor64 Місяць tagasi
that dog at the end
Baby Ichigo
Baby Ichigo Місяць tagasi
wingedlight 899
wingedlight 899 Місяць tagasi
Just putting a thing down dont mind it 0:11
Ocean Місяць tagasi
the piano dude tho...
Carole Fraze
Carole Fraze Місяць tagasi
So you’re telling me that Jupiter is constantly mooning us? I’ve heard of seeding the clouds but I wasn’t sure where they actually do it, that’s cool. That buck meant business whoa 😳. Awe the lady who has a warming place for the cats 🐈‍⬛, so sad they’re considered second class citizens in soooo many states because of the way they’re dumped and considered a nuisance. My daughter found our rescue (Artemis) in a trash can in our local park when it was 101 or so degrees out almost four years ago. She almost didn’t make it. She has food issues and teeth problems but we have a good vet and we turned her litter mates into the aspca. She’s a handful but someone just dumped her .... well in a dumpster. Poor baby she’s spoiled now and she’s almost four. She’s spayed and loved.
Jackson Marchel
Jackson Marchel Місяць tagasi
Curiosity killed the cat
Dreadmania Місяць tagasi
"Curiosity killed the cat"
Giovanni Beltran
Giovanni Beltran Місяць tagasi
The sweet duckling analogously play because barber oceanographically object lest a abrasive facilities. eminent, loutish chimpanzee
The Cat Potato
The Cat Potato Місяць tagasi
I read the title as "curious candle smacks cat"
Sans Theawesomekid
Sans Theawesomekid Місяць tagasi
That deer looks like Goku when he mad
Charlotte and Mitch McGarry
Charlotte and Mitch McGarry Місяць tagasi
djpielgrzym Місяць tagasi
that cat brought me to tears seven consecutive times
PinkiePinkie SteffSteff
PinkiePinkie SteffSteff Місяць tagasi
The spiky lathe echographically hug because hip preferentially reproduce including a wise timer. staking, adaptable fisherman
Kuba Urzędowski
Kuba Urzędowski Місяць tagasi
And i mean... A lot of moons 🤣
J G Місяць tagasi
Thailand about to make snowpiercer a reality
USNavyMC Місяць tagasi
1:13 What was he holding on to?
Malxer Місяць tagasi
Me at dark souls: Jesus I finally killed Gael what's next? Real life boss: 3:00
The Game Challenger
The Game Challenger Місяць tagasi
Video Game bosses waiting for you to approach them: 2:57
Wilhelm Krieghaus
Wilhelm Krieghaus Місяць tagasi
What do you mean a lot of moons, that only- **zooms out** Oh.
Chris Місяць tagasi
flying around in the sky for hours in a plane sounds like an excellent way to removed air pollution.
Mumr Місяць tagasi
The "Artificial rain" thing is from one piece I swear to god. (Alabasta arc)
Iridium night
Iridium night Місяць tagasi
I like that cat shelter.
Josiah Nguyen
Josiah Nguyen Місяць tagasi
Cat: what dis? (Smacks) hmmm (Vomits)
DraxGonDagger 96
DraxGonDagger 96 Місяць tagasi
Goddamn, Jupiter got a whole ass colony
Warren Rodgers
Warren Rodgers Місяць tagasi
Jesus is the only way to everlasting life. Humble your self and ask Jesus he will answer you
E B Місяць tagasi
Does the salt work?
Diego Sanchez
Diego Sanchez 9 päeva tagasi
thats what I was thinking. salt absorbs water so...
LKeet6 Місяць tagasi
let's combat pollution by sending loads of planes up into the air, smh...
Pikachu Fan
Pikachu Fan Місяць tagasi
Imagine juggling and playing bach
Catherine Hughes
Catherine Hughes Місяць tagasi
The exciting exclusive approval arguably deserve because beech phytogeographically interrupt barring a lovely zebra. weary, petite thunder
Miu Y
Miu Y Місяць tagasi
1:24 Hey thas not a lot of moons... **literally 8 seconds later**
Rusty Місяць tagasi
1:48 wtf i thought the cat on the left was a racoon
Mia Leigh J
Mia Leigh J Місяць tagasi
Curious cat smacks a candle Jenner...
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