Concrete Block Crushes Car

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Car Crush:
Don't Let Go:
Lycra Tube:
Plane: reelCHNp-zehqI1/?igshid=76fqzfbxtxve
Racetrack: Christian_Racin/status/1264223016180908039
Glow Balls:
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Epictheater 3 місяці tagasi
Dang bruh you got the whole squad rolling in unison.
Jeff Williamson
Jeff Williamson 14 tundi tagasi
@Javarafi MC e n in was err t
A duck with hands
A duck with hands 4 päeva tagasi
x iDropKillz x
x iDropKillz x 9 päeva tagasi
Aviation Top 5s
Aviation Top 5s 10 päeva tagasi
Sure looks like it.
You need to go away
You need to go away Місяць tagasi
It's always the dumbest comments that get pinned.
Johan Graff
Johan Graff 4 tundi tagasi
1:48 Me and the boys going to eat syrup at 12:00
ZiggyLu 2022
ZiggyLu 2022 7 tundi tagasi
Wow. How did this happen?? Where did something that powerful and strong come from? Speaking about the block.
Civil Pig gaming
Civil Pig gaming 10 tundi tagasi
CF Päev tagasi
Holy Shit, we were like 1 second away from getting an absolutely legendary Liveleak video.
Diabolus Päev tagasi
He better have insurance.
Nur /Charles Calvın
Nur /Charles Calvın 2 päeva tagasi
poor man
Kev Odd
Kev Odd 2 päeva tagasi
Hope that guy played the lottery after that!
L. Adams
L. Adams 2 päeva tagasi
1:11Good luck sleeping
Carbz 2 päeva tagasi
if he was still standing there he would have still lived. Good to know but that would have made for a sick video lol. Glad no one was hurt
907 250r
907 250r 2 päeva tagasi
Glad he got out of the way, however his instincts suck, he ran twords the danger putting himself in the slabs path. Should have ran the other way.
Rob Razzano
Rob Razzano 3 päeva tagasi
Cool video. I like random stuff
Matt Neilson
Matt Neilson 3 päeva tagasi
1:42 me and the boy be rolling.
red reaper
red reaper 3 päeva tagasi
God loves you enough to put his son on the cross in order for us to be free from sin , repent and go to heaven. PLEASE REPENT NOW
Christoffer Larsson
Christoffer Larsson 3 päeva tagasi
Omg! It's leaf fee!!!!!!!!!
Mandolarion Warrior
Mandolarion Warrior 3 päeva tagasi
jesusramos1900 3 päeva tagasi
That cat be flexing
Azreal Channel
Azreal Channel 3 päeva tagasi
2:30 scary
TrainGuy196 3 päeva tagasi
1:42 Me and the bois in War Thunder.
Aileana CHambers
Aileana CHambers 4 päeva tagasi
the sky is falling
Matthew H
Matthew H 4 päeva tagasi
Re the glow balls: once they pick up enough dirt and grime they will leave marks on the ceiling/walls... I'm guessing
ConvexSpheroid Bear
ConvexSpheroid Bear 4 päeva tagasi
Quick on his feet that one!
Terry Moline
Terry Moline 4 päeva tagasi
You sound Gay
Celestial Wing
Celestial Wing 4 päeva tagasi
Where did that block come from?
Josiah Fickinger
Josiah Fickinger 4 päeva tagasi
Plot Twist: 1:18, He wasn't actually wearing a parachute and they knew it.
Nick 4 päeva tagasi
Just read the story on that clip. So sad about those kids in the back seat, dad was just getting ready to get them out of the car seats 😭
I'm not watching you
I'm not watching you 4 päeva tagasi
The first thing that came to mind to that guy was my insurance wont cover thins😥
TCR TachankaYEET
TCR TachankaYEET 4 päeva tagasi
When crossing the road look everywhere
Hector Herrera
Hector Herrera 4 päeva tagasi
The giy with the changing face bugged me out.. crazy
Hector Herrera
Hector Herrera 4 päeva tagasi
His granda ma probably prayed for him cause that was close
Sam Simone
Sam Simone 5 päeva tagasi
How the fuck does that happen??? Did it fall from a plane cause it crushed the shit out his truck????
Yebo Screbo
Yebo Screbo 5 päeva tagasi
Jeez that guy ran closer to the concrete.
X Kyle.
X Kyle. 5 päeva tagasi
If he had left just a minute earlier he would’ve had his car still
Dusty Clery
Dusty Clery 5 päeva tagasi
2:25 jAY cUTLER
RazvanDaGamer 5 päeva tagasi
thats some nice bass in the background tbh.
My Name is Gladiator
My Name is Gladiator 6 päeva tagasi
0:35 "always have an entertaining result" - had the woman at the end caught her head in that powerful lycra going full speed the other way, the result would have been a life as a quadraplegic.
HighQuality 6 päeva tagasi
That guy was 3 feet away from being on liveleak
Timur Zavidov
Timur Zavidov 6 päeva tagasi
There is Mother Earth And there is Mother Russia... Mother Russia throws concrete blocks
jamesbulldogmiller 6 päeva tagasi
He can’t watch a race for free whenever he wants. He can watch a race for free whenever they’re racing.
Timur Zavidov
Timur Zavidov 6 päeva tagasi
Yep, can not watch, and still hear it. Whether he wants to watch it or not
gary volkmann
gary volkmann 7 päeva tagasi
Ain't gonna buff out.
Bob 7 päeva tagasi
when your grounded 2:49
Buur! 7 päeva tagasi
From where
D TREAD 7 päeva tagasi
We really need to get these concrete blocks off the streets. People could get hurt.
EOVNIEL 7 päeva tagasi
Bought a house at a nascar track.........🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😍
Can't Katchem
Can't Katchem 7 päeva tagasi
Go buy a lottery ticket bro.
Psycho Killer
Psycho Killer 7 päeva tagasi
I really like the random cat clips!
Madhava Reddy
Madhava Reddy 7 päeva tagasi
Imagine someone sitting and chilling inside of the car.....😶
C Lay
C Lay 7 päeva tagasi
Welp, no need to scrape the window anymore.
Brian Charles
Brian Charles 7 päeva tagasi
Man: gonna clean this damn snow off my car! concrete block: My Snow
StockBroken - Wall Street's Basement
StockBroken - Wall Street's Basement 7 päeva tagasi
Hold on... seriously though, no one is questioning where the concrete block came from? Like I’m supposed to be looking out for this now?
L C 7 päeva tagasi
it's 2021 so you most, 2020 was bad enough.
Don J.
Don J. 7 päeva tagasi
I can explain the popularity of the glowing slime video on tic tok. People with low I.q.’s are easily entertained. That’s why intelligent people such as myself don’t go there.
Tummy LikesCookies
Tummy LikesCookies 8 päeva tagasi
Carlo Agudo
Carlo Agudo 8 päeva tagasi
All of his money has been wasted beacause of the concrete HAHAHAH
SnailBoy45 8 päeva tagasi
1:22 Titanic 2 is looking kind of dope
Sara Mustafina
Sara Mustafina 8 päeva tagasi
Padmarask 8 päeva tagasi
the house in front of the speed race thing, man that's a dream house
Patrick Martin
Patrick Martin 8 päeva tagasi
Only one word "DAMMM"...🥴🥴🥴
Alex Golovchenko
Alex Golovchenko 8 päeva tagasi
cool blue
cool blue 8 päeva tagasi
Wat. Concrete blocks don’t just fall from the sky
William Odle
William Odle 8 päeva tagasi
The concrete hitting the car is so satisfying
Another_animator 8 päeva tagasi
I demand people talk about that cat in the end
Weaponized math
Weaponized math 8 päeva tagasi
Those RACE condos are expensive
Only Jesus Can Save Us
Only Jesus Can Save Us 9 päeva tagasi
John 3:16-17 16. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. Romans 6:23 23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 10:9-10 9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.10 For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Amen!
Alex Setyapranarka
Alex Setyapranarka 9 päeva tagasi
Never park your car under concrete again.
Nooby 9 päeva tagasi
simpli 9 päeva tagasi
the race car condo i want
Dr Gunsmith
Dr Gunsmith 9 päeva tagasi
What I want to where the fook did the concrete slab come from 😬
max macdonald
max macdonald 9 päeva tagasi
BLM ripping down statues again.
braveheart the commentor
braveheart the commentor 9 päeva tagasi
Should never make planes out of concrete physics people
Coinsteel Gaming
Coinsteel Gaming 9 päeva tagasi
0:58 Wow he is lucky! I wanna watch a Nascar race LIVE.
You 9 päeva tagasi
0:08 What's the point of brushing the snow off of your car when the concrete tab annihilated your car
eerie xyni
eerie xyni 9 päeva tagasi
Where did the block come from lol
Gary Mabs
Gary Mabs 9 päeva tagasi
It's raining concrete blocks outside today.....take an umbrella.
AceyLaBoy 97
AceyLaBoy 97 9 päeva tagasi
He literally ran towards it I would have gotten under the house possibly, don’t think it was very thought out tho
XxxXfoRTnite aMog uS loVVERGAMer proxXxCx
XxxXfoRTnite aMog uS loVVERGAMer proxXxCx 9 päeva tagasi
It would funny if the dude got crush by the brick
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 10 päeva tagasi
Was the guy with the glowing balls taking revenge on his loud upstairs neighbors?
Phill Huddleston
Phill Huddleston 9 päeva tagasi
I was wondering if I would ever see "the guy with the glowing balls" typed anywhere, now I have.
Jim Fausset
Jim Fausset 10 päeva tagasi
You always make good videos
Real one Amariyanna
Real one Amariyanna 10 päeva tagasi
Hope dude with the car is okay
ElChef Nassar الشيف نصار
ElChef Nassar الشيف نصار 10 päeva tagasi
Do you owen the copyrights of these video ? Ja
Jesse Fritz
Jesse Fritz 10 päeva tagasi
Balls on the ceiling is great for hand-eye coordination.
rodrigo dezubiria
rodrigo dezubiria 10 päeva tagasi
Hitler Cat
Hitler Cat 10 päeva tagasi
99 percent of vid has nothing to do with the title . What a crock.
Mystery Mayhem
Mystery Mayhem 10 päeva tagasi
I want the Apartment on the Nascar Track.
Aviation Top 5s
Aviation Top 5s 10 päeva tagasi
1:08, the Racetrack is now suing demanding admission fee for all the races watched for free. 😂
Perez Adonis
Perez Adonis 10 päeva tagasi
1:28 was so lit🔥
Marco Stößer
Marco Stößer 10 päeva tagasi
Holy Shdang, he can celebrate Birthday 2 times...😳😳😳😳🙏
Giant Dwarf567
Giant Dwarf567 10 päeva tagasi
I thought he was gonna try catching it, for a split second.
Daniel Mulhall
Daniel Mulhall 10 päeva tagasi
It was Godzilla... 0:09
killabeeshow 10 päeva tagasi
Coolest videos on EEpost man
Ian Catherwood
Ian Catherwood 10 päeva tagasi
I’d like to know is where did you get the gimbal that held the camera in the fighter jet...
ItzLark 10 päeva tagasi
Thomas Lavin
Thomas Lavin 10 päeva tagasi
Sooo. Where did that big a** block of concrete come from. ?? Hello jake from state farm you ain't gonna believe this one 😂😂😂😂 lol
Àlberto. III Martinez
Àlberto. III Martinez 10 päeva tagasi
Chance1957 10 päeva tagasi
The ole concrete slab on your car insurance scam.
David Walker
David Walker 11 päeva tagasi
I guess he will never have to worry about scraping the snow off the windshield of that car again
Johnny Tuffnutz!!
Johnny Tuffnutz!! 11 päeva tagasi
2:52 because the mentality of the people who were amazed by it was that of an 8yr old!!😂😂
King King King
King King King 11 päeva tagasi
He’ll be able to buffed it right out
Scallywag 11 päeva tagasi
In soviet Russia concrete fall on you!
Space Cadet
Space Cadet 11 päeva tagasi
Concrete block: Man, that exwife was MAD!
Chris Topher
Chris Topher 11 päeva tagasi
Thank god there wasnt anybody in there
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