China Built Their Own Fake Paris

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Daily Dose Of Internet
Daily Dose Of Internet Місяць tagasi
If you want to help out the person with cancer in this video, here is a link to donate.
Bellpepper Місяць tagasi
Thankyou SO much for putting a link to donate, my grandpa went through chemo and he was miserable, if you can help please do
Daisy Trujillo
Daisy Trujillo Місяць tagasi
Okay :)
LocDog MilfHunter
LocDog MilfHunter Місяць tagasi
@hdezn26 im a real person tho lol. Just putting in that work to get a view or two. Have a grate week!
Raneen Ahmad
Raneen Ahmad Місяць tagasi
Albina Boza
Albina Boza Місяць tagasi
Not fake
Triangle Archives
Triangle Archives 14 tundi tagasi
China can even make a replica of their own country
FMC Fastmadcow
FMC Fastmadcow 16 tundi tagasi
1:43 walking on slime sound effect from Minecraft!
Location Denied
Location Denied 16 tundi tagasi
0:03 Me In Minecraft After Running Out Of Ideas
Jathyx 22 tundi tagasi
The grappling device could be attack on titan soon
Basic Potato
Basic Potato Päev tagasi
youtube sucks
youtube sucks Päev tagasi
The Chinese coping something, wow where have we seen that?
Crazy Frog
Crazy Frog Päev tagasi
China: If you can't beat them, join them
AllyTheApple Päev tagasi
So now we can really say everything is made in China.
anomie nous
anomie nous Päev tagasi
Huh. China built a fake thing. Who'd have imagined. China.
Malte Almroth
Malte Almroth Päev tagasi
but why?
Mr. Boi the King of Bababooey
Mr. Boi the King of Bababooey Päev tagasi
1:30 how to get a haircut without going to the barber
Tenxor Engine
Tenxor Engine Päev tagasi
Next: God made in china
saksham srivastava
saksham srivastava 2 päeva tagasi
They really do make everything but just worse!!
Outside 2 päeva tagasi
last one is s dumb im done
Trace.MP4 2 päeva tagasi
Is there a giant made in china sticker on paris now?
Dylan Kershaw
Dylan Kershaw 3 päeva tagasi
That last clip: how to get pneumonia tutorial
Theodore's Tomfooleries
Theodore's Tomfooleries 3 päeva tagasi
"Paris, made in China." "What? Paris is in France." "No. I said they made Paris in China."
Pietro Nardelotto
Pietro Nardelotto 3 päeva tagasi
2:48 attack on titan odm gear is real
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee 3 päeva tagasi
I like how this whole ass replica city existed and almost nobody knew about it until it DDOI featured it
ASMR. publik emeny
ASMR. publik emeny 3 päeva tagasi
1:59 thats was unexpected i pissed i mean xdd
SAD 3 päeva tagasi
0:16 music?
A mean Guy
A mean Guy 3 päeva tagasi
In the words of China’s leaders: “ How about we take all of Paris and... PUSH IT OVER HERE”
gudguygamer 3 päeva tagasi
0:25 China are playing in creative
Mr. Obvious
Mr. Obvious 3 päeva tagasi
Looks cleaner than real Paris
Nicholas Fogarty
Nicholas Fogarty 4 päeva tagasi
0:51 was there a spider there or something that caused her to freak out?😂
Loutazz09 4 päeva tagasi
2:33 odm gear
Froggy_Queen! 4 päeva tagasi
Paris but it's in ⭐ China ⭐ Sadly my phone doesn't have any good sparkle emojis 😭
Lizzy 4 päeva tagasi
Imagine doing the rockclimb without fucking ropes
Apple Dust
Apple Dust 4 päeva tagasi
Took made in China in a whole another level
josh ferguson
josh ferguson 4 päeva tagasi
I feel his pain, i lost my hair twice on chemo
Craig Townsend
Craig Townsend 4 päeva tagasi
And you thought China wasn't in bed with the EU? hahaha.
Samuel 5 päeva tagasi
It’s not a replica
Ok 5 päeva tagasi
The word fake should only be used if somebody's trying to present it as real. Otherwise, it's a replica or clone or anything. (I'm not offended or chinese or anything)
Dork Pool
Dork Pool 5 päeva tagasi
yo that pigeon is being told to hide their babies lol
Kailyn Florez
Kailyn Florez 5 päeva tagasi
The one with the pigeon tho 😂
ItzKawaiiMochi 5 päeva tagasi
0:23 do you see that man walking backwards tho-
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro 5 päeva tagasi
Paris made in China
Amxn 6 päeva tagasi
Me: Mom I wanna go to Paris Mom: we have paris at home - Paris at home
c00m_spider 6 päeva tagasi
What if Covid-19 is a made-in-China b00tleg version of SARS
jovialjulia Q
jovialjulia Q 6 päeva tagasi
this video made me very anxious
its a bully
its a bully 3 päeva tagasi
@jovialjulia Q i see now
jovialjulia Q
jovialjulia Q 3 päeva tagasi
@its a bully rewatch it and think
its a bully
its a bully 4 päeva tagasi
Xavgamer Funny playlists
Xavgamer Funny playlists 6 päeva tagasi
I have cancer and yeahhhhhhh it just goes
Witold Rybiński
Witold Rybiński 6 päeva tagasi
Why only Russians have crazy cats?
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha 6 päeva tagasi
Not first time china making anything fake
Mrs. Dex
Mrs. Dex 6 päeva tagasi
that made in China thing has gone too far
T3NEBRI5 PL 6 päeva tagasi
Godly Fire
Godly Fire 6 päeva tagasi
So the Paris won't last long :(
Mrvoffa #LuckNoSkill
Mrvoffa #LuckNoSkill 6 päeva tagasi
2:55 when your making food in the kitchen in the middle of the night and you suddenly hear you mom
Radioactivian 6 päeva tagasi
Damn it just freezed here wish I could've frozen my hair
ASHH PLAYZ 6 päeva tagasi
1:53 the guy walking on the grass water bubble sounds like a slime jumping from minecraft
Soma Biswas
Soma Biswas 6 päeva tagasi
What else can we expect from China
Groot Boy
Groot Boy 7 päeva tagasi
china makes fake china
Caleb Horne
Caleb Horne 7 päeva tagasi
Really China.
Savage Gaming
Savage Gaming 7 päeva tagasi
made in china
GamingWithX-Solo 7 päeva tagasi
I am Chinese
Kai_CDG 7 päeva tagasi
Try and make Australia the ice head girls wont come
M1nerB0ss 7 päeva tagasi
AJ ML Official
AJ ML Official 7 päeva tagasi
2:00 Lol🤣
AJ ML Official
AJ ML Official 8 päeva tagasi
Ai REI 8 päeva tagasi
I built My own fake gf, It's my own number.
TheStupidDevil Satan
TheStupidDevil Satan 8 päeva tagasi
We chinese like cheap cheap
That Vader Boi
That Vader Boi 8 päeva tagasi
1:43 can we just appreciate how green and healthy and nice this grass looks
Won't respond
Won't respond 5 päeva tagasi
Isnt that this fake grass you can rollout? This isnt normal grown grass, it wouldnt let you get a waterbubble under it because of its "breathing". Just go buy it in your nearest outdoor/garden store
Zaky Muflih
Zaky Muflih 8 päeva tagasi
Chinese Kid : Mom I want a Paris Chinese Mother : No, We have Paris at home Paris at Home :
Lost Boy
Lost Boy 8 päeva tagasi
Did anyone else experience vertigo with some of the views from the rock climbing chimney?
Slakers 8 päeva tagasi
This is a theme park called Windows of the world opened in 1993, it promotes cultures around the world it has nothing to do with copying anything.. the place is awesome! And it respects other cultures. US has 5 fake Eiffel towers. UAE has world village. The idiocy, hypocrisy and ignorance of people blindy hating on China is pathetic.
ValmisFilm 8 päeva tagasi
2:58 - why do you say "this person" when it obviously is a girl? Isn´t this a bit insulting to her...?
Andrew Bermea
Andrew Bermea 5 päeva tagasi
@ValmisFilm I'm not discriminating against anyone. Who cares if they say this person instead of he or she? Why get upset or even bring it up if someone doesn't use the right pronoun
ValmisFilm 5 päeva tagasi
@Andrew Bermea so ... you are discriminating everyone?
Andrew Bermea
Andrew Bermea 6 päeva tagasi
1:20 - why does he say this person when it is obviously a man? Answer: who cares?
willy and Olivia
willy and Olivia 8 päeva tagasi
When you want to go to china and paris in the same day
uwais fazil
uwais fazil 8 päeva tagasi
Thats what they say M A D E I N C H I N A
WUT Joung Octojv
WUT Joung Octojv 8 päeva tagasi
Splatoon 3 (2022)
BlazingPhoenix 8 päeva tagasi
The guy who made the grappling device is going to make Attack on Titan real XD
M5F 8 päeva tagasi
I like that rabbit.🐇🐰
A dog hit by a frisbee
A dog hit by a frisbee 8 päeva tagasi
Ahh yes, Charis..
Long Bick Dig
Long Bick Dig 8 päeva tagasi
1:07 did i hear " oghhh bly4t"
Marko J.
Marko J. 8 päeva tagasi
Everything is made in China, even the Eiffel tower
Flamy 8 päeva tagasi
China couldn't go to Paris so they made their own
J 9 päeva tagasi
The chineese are just flexing their construction skills for fun now
Eddy 9 päeva tagasi
The man with Cancer... I love his energy. He's ready to tackle it head on
Dean Cragg
Dean Cragg 9 päeva tagasi
To the dude going through cemo, keep that positive attitude bro no matter what, you’ll get through that shit
Sarah Pejeau
Sarah Pejeau 9 päeva tagasi
No one Me putting a straw into that grass bubble * *sluuurp*
A Human
A Human 9 päeva tagasi
well what do you know, they are the kings of making knockoffs
kriegsman 9 päeva tagasi
I spy with my little eye ... GERMAN OCCUPATION
Thebestcreator 9 päeva tagasi
2:54 Phantastic gus when he travels somewhere else
Thebestcreator 9 päeva tagasi
Mr Beast probably helped, his video would have said, Building a COMPLETE Replica of the eiffel tower in china (10,000,000)
Jverbe 9 päeva tagasi
China getting copyright striked
A. M.
A. M. 9 päeva tagasi
JOHN 3:16
ItalEngRo 9 päeva tagasi
The hypnotized pigeon made me crack a laugh haha
Michael Liu
Michael Liu 9 päeva tagasi
the rock climb tower made me feel the girl who fell off
Melon Grace
Melon Grace 9 päeva tagasi
2:37 He's probably gonna fire his handmade Thunder Spear next video
Izzy 369
Izzy 369 10 päeva tagasi
She's gonna get sick
Hyungjun Kim
Hyungjun Kim 10 päeva tagasi
Few days later China:France is copying Chinese traditional architecture
rubie ulloa
rubie ulloa 10 päeva tagasi
America: We've got china town China:
Kele Moloro
Kele Moloro 10 päeva tagasi
Fong Kong
Arya Patel
Arya Patel 10 päeva tagasi
1:22 as someone who had cancer and chemo, I can 100% confirm all of this.
Zelda minaj Brrr
Zelda minaj Brrr 10 päeva tagasi
2:31 the girl was italian
aa aa
aa aa 10 päeva tagasi
Watch the tower collapse within a month
Marloosi 10 päeva tagasi
1:26 May god heal him
Gold_UwU -_-
Gold_UwU -_- 10 päeva tagasi
I have seen the last one before
Teebs Gaming
Teebs Gaming 10 päeva tagasi
I know the person from the last one
Egg Roll
Egg Roll 10 päeva tagasi
Classic China
Jacob 10 päeva tagasi
I know China is home to bootleg copies but this... this is out of hand
Kamel E. Belkacem
Kamel E. Belkacem 10 päeva tagasi
The last one is very very very dangerous behavior, it result in what we call chronic sinusitis and it is for life, so believe me the buzz doesn't worth it
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